Clean farm produce goes online

09:00 | 12/12/2018 Trade

(VEN) - As an agricultural country, Vietnam’s farm, forestry and fishery products such as rice, coffee and seafood play an increasingly important role in economic development. Online retailers and e-commerce trading floors in this sector are also expanding.

clean farm produce goes online

Vietnam is attractive to investors in retail and e-commerce. According to a Nielsen report presented at the Vietnam Online Business Forum 2017, 45 percent of Vietnamese spent an average time of two hours per day on the internet.

As a developing technology company, the Global Payment Connection (GPC) has always had strong will and aspiration in the fourth industrial revolution. The GPC is developing its ecosystem through the Global Clean Agriculture (GCA) project in Vietnam. The website, an online marketplace for agricultural products and clean food, was officially launched this month as part of the GCA project.

The website provides a free-of-charge selling channel for millions of farmers, thousands of cooperatives, traders and stores across the nation. This e-commerce platform is developed for PC as well as iOS and Android, with fully integrated features such as search, ordering, shipping and payment, allowing buyers and sellers to make direct transactions.

The website has developed and owned block chain technology to trace product origins. The IoT technology integrated through the API gateway will help all participants monitor and supervise the chain transparently.

Buyers visit the website or download the GCAECO app on their smartphones, register free accounts and type the names of the products. The e-commerce platform will help buyers select the types of products according to various criteria.

Buyers and producers of agricultural products can reach each other without any intermediaries, bringing down purchase costs.

Using smart contracts in commercial transactions and fast payment security connected via the GCAECO e-commerce trading floor can promote cross-border trading. The contract terms will be executed automatically and prevent intervention or change once the two parties have agreed to sign.

GCAECO’s valuable ecosystem integrates with other global e-commerce platforms within the GCA ecosystem.

The website was officially launched on November 7, 2018, providing an online marketplace for

agricultural products and clean food.

Ca Nguyen