Clay flower exhibition on display in Hanoi

17:06 | 06/05/2016 Society

A photo exhibition on clay flowers from local artist Huong Thuy opened at the Republic of Korea (RoK) Culture Centre in Hanoi on May 5.

Clay flower exhibition on display in Hanoi

The exhibition displays 27 3D paintings of clay flowers mimicking various types of flowers like lotus, barringtonia acutangula flowers, roses, orchid, chrysanthemum, cherry flowers, and colza flowers. 

Talking about how she became a clay flower artist, Thuy said “To make a clay flower requires many stages. First, you have to mix colours with clay to get the colour you want and then thin clay down to various levels for each type of flower. 

Thin clay pieces are cut into the shape of petals and leaves. Shaping petals requires deftness from the artist to make flowers look real through the printing and shaping technique of flower veins and petals. Petals are then painted with details to have flowers the artist wants. Pistils and buds are shaped by hand. Then all parts of a flower are bonded and attached to a stick and put into a pot.” 

Park Nark Jong, Director of the Korean Culture Centre, said that anyone who looks at these flowers will like them immediately./.


Source: VNA