Classic Vietnamese films to be screened free nationwide

16:15 | 09/03/2018 Society

Dozens of classic films from Vietnamese cinema will be screened for free at cinemas nationwide, from March 9-15, to mark the 65th anniversary of the decree signed by Uncle Ho to establish the Vietnamese revolutionary cinema sector (March 15, 1953 - March 15, 2018).

A scene from the film ‘Bao Gio Cho Den Thang 10’ (When October Comes)

Accordingly, the best films from the Vietnam Film Festivals will be screened at the National Cinema Center in Hanoi, Cinestar Hai Ba Trung, and cinemas in Ho Chi Minh City.

In particular, the following films will be screened in Hanoi, ‘Bao Gio Cho Den Thang 10’ (When October Comes), ‘Chi Tu Hau’ (Ms. Tu Hau), ‘Con Chim Vanh Khuyen’ (The white-eyed bird), ‘Doi Cat’ (Sandy life), ‘Em Be Ha Noi’ (The little girl of Hanoi), ‘Dung Dot’ (Don't Burn) , ‘Nhung Nguoi Viet Huyen Thoai’ (The Legend Maker), ‘Em Chua 18’ (Jailbait) and ‘Toi Thay Hoa Vang Tren Co Xanh’ (Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass).

Meanwhile, a number of films, including ‘Canh Dong Hoang’ (Free Fire Zone), ‘Chung Mot Dong Song’ (On the same river), ‘Vi Dang Tinh Yeu’ (Bitter Love), ‘Me Vang Nha’ (Mother is not home,’Nga Ba Dong Loc’ (Dong Loc Junction) and ‘Noi Gio’ (The Wind Rises), will be screened in Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, the Cinema Department has also ordered many films and programmes to serve the people on the occasion, such as the film ‘ Suoi Dau Nguon’, documentary film ‘65 years of Vietnam cinema sector – tradition, integration and development’, and a video series on the theme ‘Community Health Care for Ethnic People’.

Theo NDO