Cinemas ignore new film classification rule

10:43 | 12/01/2017 Film - Cinema

A new rule that requires film classification went into force on January 1, but few cinemas have strictly abided.

A new film classification rule went into force on January 1 but few cinemas have strictly abided by it

Films must be rated based on viewer ages, according the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism rule. There are four groups of films, namely P for all viewers, C13 for those aged 13 or above, C16 for those at the age of 16 or above and C18 for viewers aged 18 or above. Classification is based on theme, content, language, and violence, sex, horror and drug-related matters.

Since the second day of the new year, viewers under 16 years old have been able to buy tickets without having to show ID as proof of age to see movies like Allied, Assassin's Creed and Underworld: Blood Wars.

A staff at a cinema said that most of these movies were released before January 1, so they were classified based on the old rule.

CGV said on its Facebook page that from January 1, viewers will be required to produce ID or other documents with photos as proof of age if they want to watch movies labeled as C13, C16, and C18.

Vuong The Phong from CGV said proof of age will be checked at the ticket boxes and that for those buying tickets online, their age will be inspected at the entrance to every studio.

Phong said the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism should sanction cinemas violating the rule to guarantee fairness for those cinemas strictly playing by the rule.

Film distribution companies said it is hard to check viewers aged below 16 since they have no ID while many children at the age of 13 are as big as young adults.

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