“Ciel Rouge” premiere in Vietnam scheduled for Oct 27

16:39 | 26/10/2017 Society

“Ciel Rouge” (Red Sky), a French movie telling a touching love story between a French soldier and a Vietnamese girl during the war, will officially be shown to the public across Vietnam on October 27.

ciel rouge premiere in vietnam scheduled for oct 27
A scene in the movie "Ciel Rouge"

Shot in Vietnam’s northern mountainous areas from 2015, “Ciel Rouge” promises to present the audience with a different and unique perspective about the context of the Indochina war in 1946. The movie publisher recently released a new trailer for the film, revealing many impressive shots, and officially set a premiere date in Vietnam.

The film surrounds the tale of love between a Friend soldier, Phillipe, and a Vietnamese girl, Thi. During his mission in Vietnam, Phillipe is shocked as he is forced to torture Thi, but is then conquered by the girl’s resilience. He decides to flee with her and the two cross the forests and hide in breath-taking surroundings, searching for a place for just the two of them.

“Ciel Rouge” is made by French director, Olivier Lorelle, who is a renowned screenwriter of 32 movies in French cinematography, notably “Indigènes (2006), Home (2008) and Omar m'a tuer (2011).

Phillipe is played by Cyril Descours, a male actor known to fans through the movies of Paris, je t'aime (2006), Complices (2009) and Le chant des sirènes (2011), while Thi is played by Audrey Giacomini, a Vietnamese French woman, who is known to the public through the films Mr. Nobody (2009) and Polaroid song (2012).

In the recently released trailer of “Ciel Rouge”, the audience can witness the moments of affection between the two main characters. Together, they go through many thorns and bullets, and escape pursuit in order to find a “paradise on earth” for them alone. There, Phillipe and Thi find themselves and are faced by the questions as to whether they can hide forever and what they must do to maintain their ever-lasting love.

Theo NDO