Chu Dau pilots craft village tourism

16:34 | 11/07/2016 Society

(VEN) - The Thai Tan Commune’s Chu Dau Pottery Village in Hai Duong Province’s Nam Sach District has ample conditions to develop tourism.

Chu Dau pilots craft village tourism

Tourists visit the Chu Dau Pottery JSC’s showroom

Chu Dau pottery has been revived in 2001 thanks to the assistance provided by the Hanoi Trade Corporation (Hapro). Over the past 15 years of development, Chu Dau pottery has gradually secured a foothold in the market and helped local artisans improve their living standards.

Chu Dau was oriented to develop local craft production coupled with tourism promotion back in 2001. pottery production is localized to protect the village from environmental pollution. There are just two small-scale pottery production facilities in the village. However, the Hapro-owned Chu Dau Pottery JSC and the Thai Tan Commune’s People’s Committee will set up a joint large-scale pottery production facility in the coming time, said Chu Dau Pottery Village Head Nguyen Van Hiep.

According to Chu Dau Pottery JSC Deputy Director Nguyen Huu Hiep, the company acted as a pottery production center and is calling for investment in some satellite facilities. To date, three investors have participated in the project, attracting from 400-500 workers with average monthly income of VND6 million. Chu Dau pottery production and trade are looking up and will be further improved in the second phase of the project with the participation of another investor in a 3.5ha area. In the third phase, traffic and tourism infrastructure will be constructed to promote local tourism.

The Chu Dau Pottery JSC will assist its satellite facilities in terms of vocational training, production technologies and distribution. Every satellite facility will specialize in a pottery product line to avoid internal competition while persifying products to meet consumer demand.

The company will provide Chu Dau villagers who are engaged in pottery production with free vocational training and buy all the products.

Chu Dau decided to adopt clean pottery production models with strictly limited use of chemicals in its products. Chu Dau pottery is more expensive than some other counterparts in the market but should soon win consumer trust as meeting consumer demand, Nguyen Huu Hiep said.

With clear orientations and favorable conditions for pottery production expansion and tourism development, Chu Dau will be able to promote itself as a craft tourism destination in the near future.


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