China’s stocks have little impact on Vietnam

14:28 | 06/01/2016 Finance - Banking

The influence of China’s stock market plunge on Vietnam is insignificant, illustrated by the rising liquidity on the first trading session on January 4.

China’s stocks have little impact on Vietnam

China's stocks tumble heavily on the first trading (Source: AP/VNA)

This demonstrates the increasing trust of domestic and foreign investors in the Vietnamese stock market, Chairman of the State Securities Commission of Vietnam Vu Bang told reporters of the Vietnam News Agency.

He said how China’s economy develops in the coming time and its global impacts remain a big question, adding that there will have certain impacts on stock markets, including Vietnam.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep a close watch on China’s economic developments while persifying markets and flexible policies to properly deal with exchange rate issues to minimise China’s monetary impacts on Vietnam, he suggested.

Trading was suspended on Chinese markets after stocks plunged 7 percent in the first trading of 2016.

The tumble coincided with the launch of a "circuit breaker mechanism" designed to curb wild swings in the stock market./.


Source: VNA