China's GDP growth slows to 27-year low

14:17 | 22/10/2019 Cooperation

The Chinese economy grew an underwhelming 6% in quarter three, its weakest rate in at least 27 years. An ongoing trade war with the US continues to weigh on the world's second largest economy.

The Chinese economy grew 6% in the third quarter, its weakest rate in almost three decades, government officials reported last Friday.

Growth slowed from 6.2% in the second quarter. The 2019 growth rate falls within the government's annual goal of between 6 and 6.5%, but with a marked slowdown compared to previous years. It is the slowest growth the Chinese economy has seen since 1992.

China is battling weakened domestic spending and a prolonged trade war with the US that has hurt Chinese exports.

The government intends to address the sluggish growth with tax cuts and increased access to credit in an attempt to improve the country's business and investment landscape.

Last week, China and the US made some headway in talks aimed at ending the 18-month trade war between the two world powers. A potential deal prompted the US to suspend a tariff hike on $250 billion (€226.5 billion) in Chinese goods which was set to go into force earlier this week. Chinese imports and exports have suffered under Washington's tariffs as well as the decrease in trade with the US.

US media reports that the deal could pave the way for a greater agreement later this year, though tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars in goods between the countries remain in place.

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