China lifts ban on import of prawns from Vietnam

11:03 | 14/12/2015 Trade

Chinese government officials have lifted a ban on the import and culture of fresh prawns as of December 7, paving the way for their re-entry into the market, reports the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

China lifts ban on import of prawns from Vietnam

Photo: Moit

The Asia Pacific Market Department said the re-introduction comes after lengthy discussions with Chinese officials and testing to assure there are no negative effects on aquaculture biopersity or possibility of infecting local Chinese stocks with disease.

In February 2015, China barred the entry of fresh prawns into the country to protect local shrimp farmers from dreaded viruses that had been detected and had the potential to wipe out the nation’s shrimp farms.

To assure the quality of exported products, the department asked exporters and farmers to strictly control food hygiene in breeding, transporting and processing of prawns and other shrimp products./.


Source: VOV5