China Art Museum displays contemporary Vietnamese art

16:27 | 14/12/2017 Society

More than 38 paintings in different media by Vietnamese artists are now on display at the Travelling 2017 exhibition at the China Art Museum in Shanghai.

Paintings by Vietnamese artist are on display at the China Art Museum in Shanghai - Photo: sggp

Featured works are from artists Nguyen Gia Tri, Le Pho, Vu Cao Dam, Mai Trung Thu and Nguyen Tu Nghiem, who graduated from the Fine Arts College of Indochina, which opened in 1925 in Hanoi.

Trí’s Ban Lang (Provincial Village), a lacquer work, was created in 1940. In October, the piece was part of Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction of Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Art.

The Travelling 2017 exhibition also features paintings and sculptures by artists from Australia, Serbia, Mongolia and China, the host country.

The showcase will run through March 2018 at the museum. It is expected to attract more than four million viewers.

Theo VNS