Chile calls for Asia-Pacific integration

15:32 | 15/03/2017 Cooperation

Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs Heraldo Munoz said he will push for Asia-Pacific integration, free trade and anti-protectionism at the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) meeting in Vina del Mar city, Chile on March 14-15.

Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs Heraldo Munoz (Photo: Reuters)

Speaking to the press before the meeting, the minister stressed that it took place in a sensitive context for the global economy, with protectionism likely to grow. Thus, TPP member states need to determine whether to continue with economic and trade integration, he added.

The meeting was held to discuss saving the TPP after US President Donald Trump withdrew from the trade deal.

The other 11 TPP member countries need to restart negotiations, Munoz said, pledging that Chile is willing to give support to the dialogue to take advantage of the agreed parts of the deal after nearly a decade of negotiation.

He applauded proposals on economic and trade integration like the Regional Economic Partnership, including ten ASEAN member states and its six trade partners- Australia, China, India, Japan, the Republic of Korea and New Zealand.

Since the US withdrawal, some TPP members like Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Singapore are seeking a trade agreement without the participation of the US, called “TPP11” or “TPP12-1”.

The meeting in Chile is attended by senior officials from 12 TPP member states, comprising the US, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Vietnam and three non-TPP members including China, the Republic of Korea and Colombia.

Theo VNA