Cherry blossoms imported from Japan for Hanoi festival

10:32 | 06/03/2014 Entertainment

Two hundred branches of Japanese cherry blossoms, or “sakura” in Japanese, have been brought over to Vietnam, and now under special care, for the Vietnam – Japan spring festival on March 8 and 9.

The branches with small buds will be made into a large tree to be the core of the festival.The event will be held at Hanoi’s Giang Vo Exhibition Center at 148 Giang Vo Street, Ba Dinh District from 9:00 am on Saturday to 9:00 pm on Sunday.

Special care is being provided to the branches which are now harbored in a chilly room equipped with a mist-emitting device.The technology is supplied free of charge by the Japanese side.

Policemen formed a barrier around the cherry tree to protect it in previous years’ fests but only four volunteers will be tasked with guarding the plant this year.Apart from the real tree, a silk cherry tree will also be on display.

The 2014 fest will feature exciting performances of “yosakoi,” a unique style of Japanese traditional dance, martial arts “kendo” and “aikido,” “cosplay” in which performers dress up like characters from Japanese mangas (comics) or sci-fi films, and the paper folding art “origami.”

These performances will be given by local and Japanese artists.The festivities in the past years drew a large number of visitors, who came to admire the exotic beauty of the gorgeous Japanese cherry blossom, Japan’s national flower.

However, most of the flowers withered to some extent in Vietnam’s hot weather.Some years ago, the Japanese government presented Vietnam with a number of cherry blossom trees as a token of friendship.

The trees are now growing well at the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi.They are also planted in some other places like Sa Pa, Dien Bien and Da Lat./.