Central Group to expand investment in Vietnam

14:41 | 29/03/2018 Companies

Thailand's Central Group is planning to spend 200 billion THB (around US$6.3 billion) on expanding domestic and overseas retail networks and hotels in the next five years, with Vietnam named as a prioritized market. 

llustrative photo Source: VNA

The group has set a target of 397.3 billion THB (US$12.6 billion) in revenue this year. It is estimated that the proportion of the Vietnamese market in the group’s revenue structure would grow from 13 percent to 20 percent in the next five years.

The Central Group is now the biggest retailer in Vietnam, owning 31 supermarkets (Big C), 59 food stores (Big C, Lanchi Mart), 49 clothing boutiques (Robins, DELALA, Supersports, Marks & Spencer), 79 stores for building materials, home decoration and electronic devices (Nguyen Kim, B2S), and three e-commerce websites (nguyenkim.vn, robins.vn, and B2S.com.vn).

The conglomerate expects to increase its total stores to 735 by 2022, which will span 2.5 million square meters of retail space in 57 Vietnamese provinces and cities.

Theo VNA