Central Economic Commission launches new tasks for 2021

08:00 | 07/01/2021 Events

The Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission reviewed its operations in 2020 and launched new tasks for the new year at a conference held in Hanoi on January 5.

Politburo member Nguyen Van Binh speaks at the conference - Photo: NDO

The event was chaired by Politburo member Nguyen Van Binh, who is also the head of the commission.

Delegates at the conference discussed the results achieved as well as limitations in implementing tasks in 2020 and during the 2015-2020 term as a whole, while offering suggestions for the commission to fulfil its tasks in the new year.

Speaking at the conference, Politburo member Binh stated that last year and over the past five years, the commission has performed its assigned functions and tasks well, including researching and advising the promulgation of 15 resolutions by the Party in the socio-economic field, as well as performing the appraisal of hundreds of projects, reports, and important documents submitted to the Party Central Committee, the Politburo and the Secretariat.

The work of guiding, examining and supervising the implementation of the Party's guidelines on socio-economic issues has also been reformed.

The commission has presided over and coordinated with agencies to successfully organise dozens of national and international forums, conferences and seminars, contributing to propagating, disseminating, and mobilising intellectuals both at home and abroad to serve the building and perfecting of the Party's economic guidelines and decisions.

In 2021 and during the following years, the commission will continue to promote research and strategic advice on socio-economic affairs and implement projects and resolutions assigned to it by the Party Central Committee, the Politburo and the Secretariat.

It will also focus on summarising the resolutions of the Party Central Committee on important issues for the country's socio-economic development, strengthening monitoring and inspection, and boosting the implementation of the Party's guidelines on the issue, improving the quality of the appraisal of projects reported to the Politburo and Secretariat, as well as facilitating macroeconomic forecasts.

Attaching great importance to capacity building for its staff and Party members is also a key task for this year, Politburo member Binh affirmed.

Theo NDO