Carlsberg, Habeco deal set for November

09:17 | 29/09/2017 Companies

 A deal that allows global brewer Carlsberg to increase its stake in Vietnam’s second largest brewer Habeco could be finalized in November.

Photo: VNA

According to Habeco Deputy General Director Vuong Toan, Carlsberg, as Habeco’s strategic investor, already owns 17.5 percent stake in the Vietnamese brewer, including 16 percent stake purchased in Habeco’s 2009 IPO and the remainder bought on the stock market.

Under the cooperation agreement that was signed between the two firms in 2009, Carlsberg would be allowed to top the list of potential investors when Habeco offers its remaining shares for sale, Toan said at a meeting early this month.

"That is why Carlsberg has the priority in negotiations with Habeco when the Government approved the offloading of its stake in Habeco by the end of this year," he said.

Toan added that the two sides had failed to reach a new agreement on Carlsberg’s next purchase of shares in Habeco as the agreement must assure the State would receive the maximum possible revenue from the deal.

The two sides had held nine negotiations on the next deal, he said, adding that the final one was scheduled on November 15.

It is believed that the Danish brewer plans to possess more than 51 percent of the Vietnamese brewer.

However, as Habeco also operates in the real estate sector, along with food and beverage production, the Government has not approved foreign investors to purchase more than 49 percent of the firm’s capital.

According to the local media, Habeco and Carlsberg have not reached a new agreement on the possible share price.

Habeco wants to sell its shares at a reasonable price, which would ensure funds for the State budget, while the Danish brewer wants to purchase more shares at Habeco’s initial public offering (IPO) price level.

Habeco’s shares started trading on the Unlisted Public Company Market (UPCoM) under code BHN in late October 2016 and moved to the HCM Stock Exchange in January 2017.

BHN closed September 20’s trading at 107,000 VND (4.75 USD) per share, an increase of 156 percent from its initial trading price level and some 100 percent from its IPO price in 2008.

Theo VNA