Cargo transport industry sets goals for rapid development

17:05 | 21/05/2015 Industry

The Ministry of Transport has approved restructure of the air freight market by 2020 to develop the cargo transport market and increase the role of airfreight, especially in key economic zones and remote areas.

Cargo transport industry sets goals for rapid development

The project sets a goal of transporting 0.04% of all goods by air by 2020 as well as 3.23% of all travellers.

By then the Vietnamese airfreight market will be the fifth largest in the ASEAN bloc of nations.

By 2020 international flights will arrive at all international airports and all domestic sectors will have at least seven flights a week while every domestic destination with an airport will be covered.

Vietnam will have a fleet of 190 – 210 aircraft then, Vietnam Airlines will be a 4-5-star carrier, and low-cost airlines will match the quality of regional budget carriers.

The rate of delayed and cancelled flights will be reduced year by year.

To implement these goals, the project has set up missions and envisioned solutions like renovating institutions and policies and speeding up administrative reform, increasing the efficiency of airfreight and international connections, developing multiform-transport and logistics, efficiently exploiting existing infrastructure, improving management efficiency and public investment, and encouraging and attracting private investment in airfreight.

Equitisation and restructure of transport companies will be accelerated together with introduction of modern technology.

International co-operation and human resource development are two other key tasks.

The project also calls for expanding the airfreight market based on it strengths as the safest, fastest and most convenient mode of transport.

It eyes closely linking the local market with its international and regional counterparts, focusing on the market share of low-cost airfreight, and reducing airlines' expenditure and bolstering their efficiency. 

                                                                                                                                                                       Source VOV News