Cao Son Coal balances production with environmental protection

19:30 | 10/10/2021 Companies

(VEN) - Cao Son Coal Joint Stock Company, a recently merged member company of the Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin) has completed its organizational structure, implemented production and business activities to achieve set goals and at the same time implemented production solutions associated with environmental protection.  

Synchronous and effective implementation

The Cao Son Coal Joint Stock Company is the largest opencast coal mining unit of Vinacomin. It was formed on August 5, 2020 from a merger of Vinacomin’s Cao Son Coal (TCS) and Tay Nam Da Mai Coal (TND). After the merger, it overhauled the organizational structure, took advantage of favorable conditions to carry out production and business activities, and has thus maintained stable and secure business over the past year.

cao son coal balances production with environmental protection
A coal mining site of Cao Son Coal JSC

In order to ensure sustainable development, leaders of Cao Son Coal JSC in particular and Vinacomin in general have always linked production and business development plans with environmental protection in a synchronous and effective manner.

However, open-pit mining by its very nature generates large amounts of dust from drilling, blasting, screening and transporting coal. In response, the company has invested in the largest and most modern specialized dust suppression watering truck in Vietnam and in a high-capacity mist sprayer system to deal with the dust at its Bang Nau waste dump. It has also installed a water supply pipe for dust suppression in the Bang Nau waste dump area at coal screening and processing systems.

In order to minimize the amount of dust released into the environment during the transportation of coal and soil, the company invested VND10.5 billion in 2019 to purchase four large-capacity mist sprayers for the Bang Nau waste dump and coal warehouses.

In mid-June 2020, the Cao Son Coal Joint Stock Company put into use a specialized 49.2cu.m dust suppression watering truck, which has since proven its effective spray density in increasing dust suppression, minimizing the amount of dust dispersed on coal and rock transportation routes, thereby contributing to environmental protection and improving working conditions.

cao son coal balances production with environmental protection

Production associated with environmental protection

Reducing harmful production effects

In 2020, the company invested more than VND44 billion in environmental protection, making it a top priority in association with its production and business plans. The active environmental protection measures of Cao Son Coal JSC has contributed to stable operations.

In the 2020-2021 period, the company also invested more than VND30 billion in environmental protection infrastructure such as dike systems, embankments and drainage ditches to ensure safety at construction and dumping sites. It has constructed a coal conveyor belt from the preliminary screening area to the Mang Ga Cao Son coal production site worth VND21.541 billion to increase production efficiency and minimize dust emission caused by truck transportation. In addition, the company has planted trees in temporarily closed areas, taken measures to reduce noise and dust, and collected and treated thoroughly all kinds of waste and wastewater generated during the production process.

The company also paid special attention to employee health, organizing regular health check-ups for its staff. In addition to mid-shift and anti-toxic healthcare regimens, the company also built sports and physical training areas aimed at enhancing the landscape and a rest and leisure area for employees and local residents after working hours.

Plans call for the company to invest this year in eight more large-capacity mist sprayers at the Bang Nau waste dump; convert two old vehicles into sprinkler trucks with tank capacity of more than 35cu.m to increase dust suppression capacity on roads; and landscape workshop areas at a cost of more than VND12 billion.

Kim Chi & Thu Huong