Cao Bang brings industry promotion to high regions

10:23 | 30/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - To reduce the economic development gap between localities, especially the remote and difficult districts, the northern province of Cao Bang has been making efforts to adopt industry promotion policies in the province’s more mountainous regions.

Hundreds of rural laborers in Cao Bang Province have been trained in bamboo processing with industry promotion funds

According to Deputy Director of Cao Bang Industry Promotion and Development Consultancy Center Be Thi Huong said, Cao Bang is a poor mountainous province with more than 80 percent of the population are ethnic minorities and there remain many difficulties in rural industrial activities especially in remote regions. However, over the past years, Cao Bang Industry Promotion and Development Consultancy Center has been consistent with its target to reduce the economic development gap between localities as it has implemented many industry promotion projects to support rural industrial facilities in the difficult regions.

It supported 688 Company Limited to build a small bamboo processing demonstration model. According to plan, after running at full capacity, this project will generate jobs for 350 laborers. At present, the model has attracted 200 laborers with average income of VND3.5 million per person per month. The products of the company are of high quality, have perse and nice designs and are available in the market.

Previously, the center coordinated with Cao Bang Bamboo Processing and Export Joint Stock Company to carry out a project on bamboo processing vocational training for hundreds of laborers in difficult districts like Bao Lac, Thong Nong and Nguyen Binh. At present, several kinds of the company’s products like bamboo mats and blinds sell very well and most of them are exported. The company has opened a branch in Bao Lac District to mobilize available laborers for the processing of raw materials.

Despite the efforts of relevant authorized agencies, Be Thi Huong also said the center met many difficulties during implementation process of the project. Of those, the biggest difficulty was the low awareness of the rural laborers. Many of them are skillful but are unable to read and write, making it very difficult for them to improve their skills and access new production techniques. In addition, the scales of Cao Bang’s rural industrial facilities are small and scattered and difficult traffic infrastructure of the province hindered the implementation of industry promotion projects.

Although Cao Bang is a difficult mountainous province, it has not received distinctive support mechanisms but has been applied with general policies of the country. Meanwhile, administrative procedures remain complicated and support levels remain low and have not been attractive to the local rural industrial facilities.

Be Thi Huong also said, according to Circular 26/2014/TTLT-BTC-BCT the support levels of industry promotion projects will sharply increase and attract more interest from the industrial facilities. The provincial People’s Council is also building a resolution on industry promotion in the 2015-2020. The draft solution has been assessed by the Department of Justice and is collecting opinions from departments and sectors.

The center is also planning to improve professionalism for the industry promotion staff and boost propaganda on industry promotion activities. It is expected to cooperate with the provincial television and radio stations to build and extend the broadcasting time limit of industry promotion programs (maybe twice a week) to further boost propaganda on industry promotion policies./.

By Bui Viet