Campaign to be launched to make the world cleaner

16:31 | 29/08/2017 Environment

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) will launch a campaign to make the world cleaner from September 23-30, with the theme of waste management for sustainable rural environment, the ministry announced on August 28.

Participants at the 2016 campaign - Photo: MoNRE

The campaign aims to highlight the important role of environmental management, especially the control of waste in rural areas during national construction and development.

The ministry called for a response from the ministries and localities through the strengthening of State management over the environment, close supervision over projects with high risk of causing pollution, encouraging enterprises and the community to engage in environmental protection activities.

Ministries and localities should coordinate with the media to increase the communications on environment preservation, while strengthening the popularisation of laws and policies related to the environment.

During the campaign, the whole of society will be asked to get involved in the gathering and treating waste as well as planting trees.

Meanwhile, 28 coastal localities will strengthen activities to clean the environment along beaches and coastal areas.