“Call on net 1 hour charge 1 minute cost'

14:39 | 11/06/2015 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Being inspired by the popular legend and the idea of “Rice pot of Thach Sanh”, Vietnamobile officially launched a new product named Thach Sanh Sim which offers special benefits to users.

“Call on net 1 hour charge 1 minute cost"

According to the legend, the rice pot of Thach Sanh is the magical pot providing unlimited rice. Turning this interesting idea to Thach Sanh Sim, the telecom product of modern life, Vietnamobile offers the opportunity of long lasting calls without any cost concerns to users. This is a very attractive promotion for up to 3 months: “call 1 hour on net charge 1 min”, especially, without any daily service cost. Providing consumers with various specific benefits, the promotional program can be considered as one of the most unique saving packages in the ICT market.

Users now have more choices for saving; they can enjoy the “long lasting” conversation with their friends or family everywhere without any cost concern. The program “call 1 hour on net charge 1 min” will provide consumers with the longest call duration for only 1.500 VND, and that is the cheapest price in the ICT market.

The service is also offered for current users with simple registration and an attractive policy: Registering before 31/7 by simple format: *610#OK to receive the promotion benefits for up to 3 months. Billing will be deducted from the on-net balance first, then to the promotion account and finally from main account. Current users who don’t use Thach Sanh Sim can enjoy this promotional program for a daily service fee of only 1.000 VND. Users can cancel registration by format “HUY” send to 610.

ICT in Vietnam is a dynamic market; therefore Vietnamobile remains innovative in providing consumers with more options for economic services and convenience. “The new Thach Sanh Sim with “call 1 hour on net charge 1 min” program will enhance the consumer experience and maintain good communications, all at a negligible cost. It is not only a new product launch, but also a commitment to providing consumers with more benefits. Besides that, Vietnamobile want to affirm their creativity in providing our consumers with the best services. This is our strategy for long term sustainability development in Vietnam” - Garmon Shaw, CEO of Vietnamobile stated.

During 6 years in Vietnamese ICT marketing, Vietnamobile have been always creative and encourage outstanding thinking in developing products to satisfy the increasing demands of consumers. The Thach Sanh Sim and special offer “call 1 hour on net charge 1 min cost” allows the company to enhance the competitive offering demanded by the ICT industry and to commit to many more attractive products and services in the near future./.

By Thanh Ha 



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