Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign: Eight years and going strong

11:26 | 02/12/2017 Trade

(VEN) - The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) reported that the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign had yielded positive results over the past eight years.

eight years and going strong
Consumer trust in Vietnamese goods is growing

Priorities for Vietnamese goods

At a recent Vietnamese Goods Identification program organized by the MoIT, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai said the ministry had focused its activities on implementing the campaign launched by the Politburo and achieved positive results. Major activities included disseminating information about Vietnamese goods; amending and supplementing policies to encourage consumers to buy Vietnamese goods; assisting businesses in production and sales; strengthening the retail distribution network; and upgrading market survey activities.

The campaign has had positive impacts on both consumers and businesses. Many kinds of Vietnamese goods have won domestic consumer trust. Producing goods for domestic sale has become a priority of businesses. The campaign has also contributed to curbing inflation and maintaining macroeconomic stability.

The campaign has raised awareness among businesses in the industry and trade sector of their role and responsibility in improving the quality and competitiveness of Vietnamese goods and services, encouraging them to implement commitments to protect consumer interests and build nationally recognized brands. To Hoai Nam, Vice President of the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, said most domestic businesses are more mindful of improving product quality and expanding the distribution network to enable consumers to buy the best products. These efforts have contributed to strengthening the market position of Vietnamese goods.

In a talk with Vietnam Economic News reporters, Luong Van Thang, Chairman of the Board at the Viet-Tiep Lock Joint-Stock Company, said the company had invested in technology and improved design to create higher quality products, while at the same time conducting surveys to catch up with changes in consumer tastes. Despite rises in production costs, the company did not increase prices. Therefore, over 90 percent of its products sell well in the domestic market, with sales growing year after year, he said.

Many kinds of Vietnamese goods have won consumer trust and can compete with foreign imported products. Examples include Vinamilk, TH True Milk, Trung Nguyen Coffee, Garment 10, Biti’s footwear, and Viet Tiep locks. The results of a recent survey carried out by Nielsen Vietnam show that 90 percent of consumers in Ho Chi Minh City and 83 percent of consumers in Hanoi said they would surely choose to buy Vietnamese goods when shopping. Made-in-Vietnam products currently account for 80-85 percent of goods on shelves of supermarkets and more than 60 percent of goods sold at traditional-styled markets.

Furthering the campaign

eight years and going strong

Deputy Minister Do Thang Hai said the MoIT would continue implementing the campaign following the guidance of the Politburo and the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Specifically, the ministry will increase the spread of public information to further improve consumer awareness, continue to encourage domestic manufacturers to enhance product competitiveness and tighten their linkages with distributors to boost sales. At the same time, the ministry will issue legal documents consistent with regulations of the World Trade Organization and international commitments that involve Vietnam.

State authorities will take the initiative in using trade defense instruments to protect Vietnamese goods in the domestic market. Trade promotion activities will be intensified to increase the sale of Vietnamese goods in rural areas, industrial and export-processing zones, as well as to increase the presence of Vietnamese goods in modern distribution channels.

Information dissemination will be boosted to further improve the awareness of state officials at different levels, as well as consumers, about the significance of the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign.

Lan Phuong