Business Innovation Zone Honoring Ceremony announced

09:43 | 02/06/2022 Events

RX Tradex, the organizer of Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (10-12/08/2022) and NEPCON Vietnam (14-16/09/2022), announced the first Business Innovation Zone Honoring Ceremony 2022 on May 31. 

The ASEAN's leading exhibition organizer kick-start for the new chapter of Business Innovation Zone Project to empower the competitive strengths for domestic manufacturing and electronic businesses, especially SMEs to reach out to the international markets and participate in global supply chains via many activities such as forums, workshop, Tech-talk, and Honouring Ceremony under the theme “Sync up the power of human-tech-Media”, RX Tradex also announces new brand identity following RX Global standards.

According to the report of the World Bank Vietnam, Vietnam's recovery is gaining momentum. However, there are still heightened risks of weaker global demand and supply disruptions to economic prospects. Uncertainty related to the war in Ukraine and its impacts on major commodity supply and prices is expected to weaken global growth prospects, potentially affecting demand for Vietnamese exports. Supply disruptions caused by lockdowns in China could hurt Vietnam’s exports in coming months. If higher inflation persists in the medium term, the economy should be allowed to adjust to higher prices with the authorities incentivizing investments to increase productivity and aggregate supply. To mitigate risks to exports performance, diversifying trade partners would be a prudent strategic consideration. With the Covid-19 pandemic being suppressed and controlled in many countries, the demand for trade and production recovery of domestic and foreign enterprises will increases, along with the urgency of practical opportunities for businesses in the manufacturing, supporting industries and electronics to improve production and business capacity for reaching the global supply chains.

business innovation zone honoring ceremony announced

Mr. Vu Trong Tai, General Manager, RX Tradex, representative of the Organizing Committee, shared: “The Honoring Ceremony of Business Innovation Zone is a new activity besides the annual activities of Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (VME) and NEPCON Vietnam 2022. Together with new brand identity of RX Tradex and the support, joining hands of many new partners within the framework of the Business Innovation Zone Project, we believe that VME & NEPCON Vietnam 2022 will be a destination that bring up many effective business connection opportunities for buyers and sellers as well as support to honour and spread out the unique “business innovative stories” as real business lessons for the manufacturing, supporting industries and electronics communities in Vietnam”.

The annual partner of NEPCON Vietnam, Advisory Board member of the Business Innovation Zone Project 2022, and the speaker of Panel Discussion: Sync-up the power of Human-tech-Media, Mrs. Do Thi Thuy Huong, Executive Board Member of Vietnam Electronics Industries Association, expressed: “The idea of ​​​​Honoring Ceremony under the Business Innovation Zone Project for the manufacturing & electronics community is very outstanding, can be considered as the key activity of Vietnam Manufacturing Expo and NEPCON Vietnam in 2022. And the theme "Sync-up the Power of Human - Tech - Media" can be delivered in many multi-faceted perspectives to businesses when starting to reintegrate into the market. We believe that the Business Innovation Zone Project will be the focal point of intersection, acting as a useful information hub for businesses operating in the field of industrial production and electronic components.”

In addition, Mr. Pham Trung Hung, Chief Advisor, PNA Consulting, partner of Business Innovation Zone Project and Member of Advisory Board for HR sector, shared: “The business market of Vietnam has many changes during and after the pandemic together with the "variables" in terms of human resources that affecting the production of enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The Business Innovation Zone Project has caught up with the trend when choosing theme for 2022 related to 3 key factors as Human - Tech - Media that play the "triangle" role in the operation of any businesses and organizations. This year, the outstanding activity of the project is the Honoring Ceremony with the establishment of the Advisory Board, expected to help create many positive impacts and support businesses to return to the race with more “business tips” when taking food for thoughts from the real case studies.”

With the participation of exhibitors from more than 10 countries and nearly 200 brands of famous technology & machinery firms in manufacturing and electronics industries that joined in international pavilions and remote booths coming from Japan, USA, the Republic of Korea, China, Chinese Taipei, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, India and other countries, the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (VME) will be organized from 10-12 August 2022 and The 14th Vietnam’s Only Exhibition on SMT, Testing Technologies, Equipment and Supporting Industries for Electronics Manufacturing – NEPCON Vietnam will be from 14-16 September 2022. Both 02 exhibitions will be held at I.C.E 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi.

Thu Thuy