British University Vietnam increases the value of scholarship and financial support fund to 53 billion VND

16:18 | 17/11/2020 Society

British University Vietnam (BUV) has increased the value of scholarship and financial support fund for the 2021 academic year to 53 billion VND, giving Vietnamese students even more opportunities to access one of the world’s leading education systems - UK higher education, right here in Vietnam.

After more than two years of effective operation, with an aim to improve and increase accessibility to high-quality education, BUV has officially raised the fund's value from 40 billion VND (2019) to 53 billion VND with hundreds of scholarships and financial aid made available.

british university vietnam increases the value of scholarship and financial support fund to 53 billion vnd

In 2021, the BUV scholarship fund will continue to offer Vietnamese students prestigious full scholarship programs, including four British Ambassador Scholarships for comprehensively outstanding students and one Lion’s Heart Scholarship for a student with difficult circumstances or disadvantaged background.

The British Ambassador Scholarship worth 800 million VND includes the full tuition of a bachelor’s programme at BUV awarded by Staffordshire University (UK), alongside foundation course and travel expenses during the interview for students living far away (if any). Admission criteria include academic achievements, experiences participating in social activities, extracurricular activities, as well as refined personal development goals and plan for the future.

The Lion’s Heart Scholarship worth 1 billion VND covers the full tuition of English foundation courses, degree foundation course, bachelor’s programme, alongside living expenses and housing during the period of time they study at BUV.

The scholarship fund also includes many other prestigious scholarship programs including: President scholarship (75% of tuition fee), Dean scholarship (50% of tuition fee), Talent scholarship for outstanding students in sports, culture, arts (20-50% of tuition fee), Cooperative scholarships for outstanding students from BUV’s partner high schools as well as many other scholarship and financial aid opportunities for deserving students.

british university vietnam increases the value of scholarship and financial support fund to 53 billion vnd

Prof. Dr. Ray Gordon (Vice Chancellor and President of BUV), shared: “Providing support, within its capacity, for talented students to access its high quality British degree programs and an international standard study environment of the school, irrespective of their financial and or social position, is central to BUV fulfilling its mission. Accordingly, BUV will continue to grow its scholarship program and give talented young Vietnamese people the opportunity to realize their education dream and go on to contribute to Vietnam’s future. The talent of BUV’s graduates and their capacity to positively impact the future is BUV’s key contribution to Vietnam.”

BUV is the first and only international university in Vietnam to offer a bachelor's degree directly from the prestigious University of London and Staffordshire University. Currently, BUV offers a variety of bachelor programs in 4 schools: School of Business, School of Hospitality and Tourism, School of Creative Industries, and School of Computing and Innovative Technologies. Each of these schools offer a suite of undergraduate degrees – BUV also offers post graduate master degrees and short-course programs. In addition, BUV offers English courses and foundation programs that pathway to direct entry into BUV or British and other international universities.

Over the past 11 years of development, BUV has successfully built an international university model combining high technology, enhancing interaction and connection between faculty and students, while ensuring top quality output for students. The 3-month internship program gives students the opportunity to do internships right from the first year, preparing a set of practical skills ready to meet the needs of the labor market. In 2019, there are 925 internship opportunities for BUV students at more than 300 partners, which are large domestic and multinational companies and corporations. In fact, 100% of graduates at BUV find a job or go on to graduate school within 3 months after graduation.During the course of the study, BUV students can also choose to participate in exchange study programs to a partner university in the UK with the same tuition fees as in Vietnam, or transfer study, transfer credit to continue studying at many universities around the world including 150 UoL and SU’s partner universities in 45 countries.