British University Vietnam celebrates its 10-year anniversary

14:42 | 08/01/2020 Society

On Jan 5th, 2020, British University Vietnam (BUV) held the “BRITISH UNIVERSITY VIETNAM 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY CEREMONY” at BUV Ecopark Campus, Hung Yen. BUV was honoured to welcome His Excellency Gareth Ward  - British Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung - Vice Chairman of Hung Yen’s People's Committee, together with about 1,000 guests, who are representatives from ministries, departments, partners, press agencies, high school students, students, alumni and parents who have contributed to the development of BUV in the last 10 years.

Founded in 2009 from 100% foreign investment, British University Vietnam (BUV) has had a 10-year mission to deliver to Vietnamese students the opportunity to study in a world-class British education environment in Vietnam and to contribute to the development of undergraduate education as well as improve the quality of human resources for Vietnam.

From 3 undergraduate programs, we expanded to 11 bachelor programs and an MBA program, taught in English, by our 100% international faculty and awarded by not only BUV but also two prestigious UK institutions: Staffordshire University and University of London. BUV's training programs and lecturers strictly follow the standards managed by the British Government and are assessed by the UK Quality Assurance Associate, which issues licenses. Over 10 years of development, BUV is considered a symbol of the success in educational cooperation between the UK and Vietnam.

Speaking at the ceremony, His Excellency Gareth Ward - British Ambassador to Vietnam commented: “There are three factors that make BUV develop so fast, so successfully, so beautifully in such a short period of time. Number one is international partners. BUV is currently cooperating with two prestigious UK institutions including Staffordshire University and University of London. Secondly, BUV has built a beautiful modern campus but it is not the texture of the building that matters, it is the approach to education and the way that the teaching and learning goes on here: BUV brings an integration of high technology and also the interaction between teachers and students. Finally, the most important thing of all is people and human resources. I could talk about the teachers but I prefer to talk about the students with the energy, and the willingness to participate in the new things and the new chances.”

british university vietnam celebrates its 10 year anniversary
His Excellency Gareth Ward, British Ambassador to Vietnam delivered his speech at the ceremony

During the ceremony, BUV was honored to be awarded a scholarship named the British Ambassador’s Scholarship, worth 700 million VND, equivalent to 100% of the tuition fee, for students studying undergraduate degrees at BUV.

british university vietnam celebrates its 10 year anniversary
His Excellency Gareth Ward - British Ambassador to Vietnam awarded the British Ambassador's Scholarship to British University Vietnam

Realizing the strong commitment to contributing to the development of Vietnam’s education, at the end of 2018, BUV inaugurated and put into operation their Ecopark Campus, with a total investment capital for the three phases of up to $ 70 million, which meet the training needs for 7,000 students upon completion. The first phase, which came into operation, currently accommodates up to 2,000 students and provides an international-standard facility that is architecturally beautiful with an iconic design indicative of 4IR and with embedded learning technology. BUV campus is being recognized as one of the best in Asia.

Attending the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of Hung Yen’s People's Committee shares: “We are witnessing a foreign undergraduate education institution with 100% foreign investment in Hung Yen, Vietnam, with modern facilities, advanced education and training program and a fast increase of the yearly number of students. The school's training products have been treasured and used effectively by society”. He also expressed his desire and confidence that British University Vietnam will continue to have a stronger position in Vietnam's undergraduate education system, contributing to the human resources training process for Vietnam in general and Hung Yen province in particular.

british university vietnam celebrates its 10 year anniversary
Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of Hung Yen’s People's Committee, congratulated BUV for its 10 years of development

At BUV, along with the standard British curriculum, the students will experience the international learning environment at the most modern campus in Vietnam and the region. A program combining 3 months study with 3 months internship, together with personal development programmes and intensive skills training, has equipped BUV students with knowledge, skills and working experience before graduating, helping them to confidently satisfy the requirements of national and international companies and organisations. 100% of graduates gained employment or continued higher education within 3 months. By 2020, BUV has accompanied the learning and maturity process of 7 graduated cohorts.

In his speech at the ceremony, Prof.Dr.Raymond Gordon, Vice Chancellor and President of British University Vietnam emphasizes: “Our mission is providing British degrees and an authentic international campus environment. We are proud to say that we are creating the next generation of discoverers, explorers and creative thinkers, who will change the world.”

british university vietnam celebrates its 10 year anniversary
Prof.Dr. Raymond Gordon, Vice Chancellor and President of British University Vietnam delivered his opening speech

In 2019, BUV proudly becomes the first Higher Education Institution in Vietnam to provide its students with 100% digital learning materials. This digital content includes world-leading educational publishers such as Pearson, Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis, and Cambridge University Press. BUV now provides each newly enrolled undergraduate student with a personal iPad to enable materials to be accessed both on and off campus at any time.

british university vietnam celebrates its 10 year anniversary
Le Yen Linh, an alumni of BUV, shared enthusiastically about the journey to nurture passion and self-development at BUV

Representatives of the generations of BUV students, Le Yen Linh, former winner of a full scholarship at BUV, shared: “I’ve noticed that over the years, our school has never rested on our laurels: courses are improved, we moved into a bigger campus with state-of-the-art equipment, etc. The school has done a very good job of equipping students with whatever we need for our education. I wish all of us students and alumni to always keep equipping ourselves with new skills, new ideas. And I wish BUV continued success in equipping upcoming generations of students with quality education, in nurturing them to become upright, fulfilled and contributing members of the society. I have been and will always be proud to be a BUVer.”