Breakthroughs in customs modernization and reform

16:07 | 26/11/2013 Finance - Banking

(VEN) - The Vietnam Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System and the Vietnam Customs Information System (VNACCS/VCIS) will be put into operation on April 1, 2014, marking a major breakthrough in customs modernization in Vietnam.

VNACCS/VCIS training - Photo: Trung Kien

VNACCS/VCIS is one of the best automated customs systems proven through practices in Japan, a world leader in technology development and customs management. VNACCS/VCIS receives and handles information and handles import and export goods customs clearance automatically based on electronic declarations (e-Declaration) and electronic cargo manifests (e-Manifest); computerizes certain trade and transportation documents including electronic invoices (e-Invoice) and electronic packaging lists (EPL); and handles electronic tax payment (e-Payment) and electronic certificates of origin (e-C/O).

Applying electronic signatures, VNACCS/VCIS will help minimize the use of paper documents and therefore will dramatically change customs control of certain imports and exports towards increasing businesses’ sense of responsibility. VNACCS/VCIS will strengthen connectivity with relevant ministries and sectors to perform some operations related to goods import and export of enterprises according to a one-door policy, preparing for application of an electronic government (e-government).

VNACCS/VCIS benefits enterprises as it makes customs clearance time considerably shorter than the current and helps businesses to make the right declarations. Businesses can pay taxes and fees through the banks because most of the banks are connected to VNACCS/VCIS. This will not only help businesses to cut unnecessary expenses and save time but also contribute to corruption control. With VNACCS/VCIS, enterprises will have to work more professionally and customs staff’s skills will be improved.

Department of Information Technology and Customs Statistics Deputy Director Nguyen Tran Hieu said that VNACCS/VCIS will end the crisis period of technology choices of the Vietnamese customs sector and at the same time contribute greatly to modernization and innovation of customs management to standards of advanced countries in Southeast Asia.

VNACCS/VCIS’s hardware has been completely installed and servers have been kicked off in nine key areas.

According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, from now to February 15, 2014, efforts will be concentrated on the test run of VNACCS/VCIS to prepare for official operation on April 1, 2014. The customs sector is preparing to promulgate rules and procedures to improve its management and operation systems while promoting VNACCS/VCIS training for sector staff members, import and export businesses and related subjects.

Japanese partners not only assisted Vietnam’s customs sector to run VNACCS/VCIS but also amend the VNACCS/VCIS legal framework, construct information technology strategies and customs procedures using new technology, develop human resources and use, manage and improve VNACCS/VCIS./.

By Viet Anh