Bonsai, rose show cheers nature lovers

11:35 | 03/05/2017 Society

More than 200 meticulously shaped bonsai trees and 300 different species of roses are on display at an exhibition at Thang Long Rose Park in Hanoi’s Thanh Trì district.  

Part of the display at the Thang Long Rose Park in Hanoi’s Thanh Tri district (Photo: VNA)

Thirty bonsai artisans from Hanoi gathered at the opening ceremony of the exhibition on April 25, and shared experience in cultivating the ornamental trees.

Dao Manh Hung, Director of the park, said the event aims to create an “interesting playground” for nature lovers in the city and give bonsai growers a space to meet each other and share their passion for this horticultural art.

“In the past, only rich people could afford bonsai and other ornamental plants. But nowadays, everyone can buy or cultivate one. This event is a meaningful one because it inspires people to live closer to nature."

“In the face of rapid urbanisation, it’s very good that Thang Long Rose Park can contribute to preserving the green space of Huynh Cung village in Thanh Tri district,” said Luu Minh Tri, President of the Thang Long Ornamental Plant Art Association and President of the Thang Long-Hanoi Cultural Heritage Association.

Trinh Thuan Duc, senior specialist at Biology Landscapes of Vietnam, said the art of growing bonsai appeared in the country 900 years ago. There are also differences in how different cultures approach the art, he said.

Duc explained that while the Japanese bonsai is closely attached to the Zen philosophy with no specific themes, Vietnamese bonsai has different stories to tell.

When planting and shaping their trees, Vietnamese growers are inspired by individual feelings as well as relations between people, including friendship, love between family members, and the energy of Vietnamese people, he said.

“Each bonsai has a specific meaning,” Duc said.

Pointing to a miniature phi lao (casurina) tree, he said: “This tree is already 30 years old. And here it represents the life story of an individual. Its rough tree-trunk shows that the person suffered a lot, but the green leaves on the top of the tree shows that he continues to flourish in life and contributes his energy to it.”

Located in Huynh Cung village, Thang Long Rose Park has been a favoured destination for rose lovers in the capital.

With a total area of around 45,000sq.m, it is the largest park of its kind in the city, and houses thousands of rose plants, including over 300 world famous varieties.

The bonsai exhibition will run until May 15. Visitors can buy the trees on display.

Theo VNA