Bolloré Logistics: Time to do business in Vietnam is now

15:37 | 29/09/2018 Companies

(VEN) - With three decades of experience in Vietnam, French leader Bolloré Logistics sees political stability and high growth rate offering great potential for investors in the country, Marc Moeschlin, Managing Director, Bolloré Logistics Vietnam Co. Ltd, tells Vietnam Economic News. He also spoke about growth opportunities and the company’s contributions to Vietnamese economy and society. 

bollore logistics time to do business in vietnam is now
Marc Moeschlin, Managing Director, Bolloré Logistics Vietnam Co. Ltd

What are main activities and achievements of Bolloré Logistics in Vietnam?

Established in Vietnam in 1989, we were the first international logistics company with a set up in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).

We now offer a full range of transport and logistics solutions, as well as customs brokerage and regulations advisory service, industrial projects handling, and Value-Added Services (VAS) warehousing solutions. We employ 180 people, and our head office in HCMC is supported by branches in Hanoi and Da Nang, as well as site offices in Thai Nguyen, Vung Tau, and Quy Nhon.

Bolloré Logistics ranks first in its field in France and is a top-10 transport and logistics company in the world. Do you see the development of logistics industry in Vietnam in recent years? What will help the logistics industry in Vietnam develop well to fully meet the demands of a fast growing economy?

Thanks to numerous free trade agreements (FTAs) that Vietnam has signed and its competitive, talented labor pool, the country has attracted massive foreign direct investment (FDI), and has become a good alternative or addition to China as a sourcing location.

In parallel to this, a fast growing middle class with a growing taste for international products has fueled strong consumption growth, further enhanced by the wide spread of e-commerce.

All this has generated increasing cargo transport and logistics needs, allowing us double digit growth year on year. The infrastructure in the south of Vietnam will now need some further improvements to avoid increasing congestion on roads and at airports and seaports, similar to what has been developed recently in Hai Phong and Hanoi.

Further, to reach its maximum potential, Vietnam will have to continue the push for further simplification of procedures and process digitization to ease licensing, customs clearance and movement of goods and services.

bollore logistics time to do business in vietnam is now

What are chances and challenges for Bolloré Logistics in Vietnam in the years to come?

Vietnam’s economic and trade growth will continue to support our transport and logistics activities. The challenge will be to offer adequate logistics solutions to our customers who are increasingly using an omni-channel sales strategy to capture the wide spread of the market.

What are the key strengths Bolloré Logistics has to compete and grow sustainably in Vietnam?

Our long experience and expertise in Vietnam has allowed us to develop a strong leadership and offer tailor-made solutions to our customers in multiple sectors including fashion & luxury goods, lifestyle and retail, healthcare, oil & gas and industrial projects, food and beverages, power, aerospace, hi-tech, aid & relief and e-commerce.

How important is Vietnam in your growth strategy for South East Asia?

Given its size, young population and continued growth and stability, Vietnam has become a key growth market in South East Asia for Bolloré Logistics.

What are your growth plans in Vietnam?

We want to make sure that our customers can leverage our global network and our local expertise, to ensure that they enjoy the best logistics solutions that will maximize their growth.

bollore logistics time to do business in vietnam is now

How would you assess the quality of Vietnamese human resources in this industry?

As there is a relatively high staff turnover in the Vietnam labor market, mainly linked to the strong economic growth, we have understood that a stable and well-educated workforce is the key for us to be competitive in a sustainable way. In addition, we bring a family spirit to every level of the business to make sure that our staff feel integrated and valued. We strongly believe that extensive training, talent management and career development plans are essential for our employees, and this is the key factor in Bolloré Logistics being able to consistently provide good quality service and the best tailor-made solutions to our clients.

Does Bolloré Logistics have a CSR (corporate social responsibility) plan for Vietnam?

Our company is very aware of the need for sustainable development and has the real ambition to contribute through local activities. One of our significant actions is our partnership with the NGO Passerelles Numérique. We are donating our old IT (information technology) equipment to a program that enables young, underprivileged people to have access to digital education. With this very concrete CSR action, we not only contribute to give better IT education opportunities to underprivileged students, but we are also eager to increase the pool of future tech-savvy talents in Vietnam, which will support Bolloré Logistics in a broader sense, as our industry is more and more driven by technology, algorithm decision making and digitization.

We have built a concrete CSR program that is integrated into our long term strategy. To make sure that upcoming projects are carried out more appropriately and dynamically, Bolloré Logistics Vietnam has set up a CSR committee for social programs, supporting ideas and engaging all employees.

What would your message be to new French businesses considering investment in Vietnam in the near future?

Vietnam has a lot to offer as an investment destination, as well as an end user market. Looking at the GDP growth of the country expected at 6-7 percent per year of the next few years, combined with a good political stability, the time to come and do business in Vietnam is now. Bolloré Logistics Vietnam will be glad to share its expertise with French businesses looking for the keys to enter this high growth market.

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