Boi Khe lacquer village faces difficulties

15:21 | 23/12/2015 Industry

(VEN) - Local people are looking forward to hearing from the people’s committees at all levels to develop more handicraft production points as Boi Khe lacquer village has no more land to expand production activities.

Boi Khe lacquer village faces difficulties

Manufacturing lacquer products in Lam Thi Lan’s facility

According to Chuyen My Commune People’s Committee Deputy Chairman Pham Van Dai, the commune has seven villages, with six of them specializing in carving. Only Boi Khe craft village has focused on manufacturing lacquer products.

Lam Thi Lan from Boi Khe lacquer village said that the market has remained stable since the beginning of the year, leading to a good situation of trading and production activities. In particular, orders for year-end holidays have strongly increased since October, making local people work overtime. She also said that her production facility monthly exports one to two containers with revenues of VND1.5-2 billion, contributing to creating jobs for 15 direct workers and many casual workers.

Her production facility has exported plates, vases and pots to the US for 10 years.

She said that the facility discusses with its partners about orders, designs and market trends on a weekly basis. The facility also has a design center in Hanoi.

Lam Huu Thinh from Boi Khe lacquer village said that his production facility has used modern equipment in production, contributing to increasing the rate of using machinery and equipment in the facility to 70 percent.

However Pham Van Dai said that the craft village has faced many difficulties as Boi Khe has no more land to expand production activities.

To develop more handicraft production points, the Chuyen My Commune People’s Committee has asked the Phu Xuyen District People’s Committee to resolve the issue.

Chuyen My Commune has one handicraft production point that is located far from residential areas and has not been convenient for transport. Moreover, production in the craft village remains small in scale and local people have used most of their time for working.

To reduce costs for land lease and move production facilities to more convenient locations, local people and its people’s committee have proposed new locations to the district people’s committee. However this proposal has yet to be commented on.

“Boi Khe lacquer village is strongly developing thanks to stable markets. We hope that the district people’s committee will soon approve land planning to expand handicraft production sites, contributing to creating favorable conditions for the development of the craft village,” Pham Van Dai said.


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