Biodegradable KBM launched in Ben Tre to treat aquaculture environment

14:16 | 23/10/2019 Environment

(VEN) - Towards promoting sustainable aquaculture, a natural biodegradable substance, KBM, which can clean shrimp and fish ponds was launched last week in Ben Tre.

The product was introduced by the Vinh Thanh Ben Tre One Member Co., Ltd at a seminar held on October 18 at the Forever Green Resort in the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre.

KBM is a biodegradable substance of natural origin with outstanding properties in handling suspended solids and contaminants in water and at the bottom of ponds.

Experienced shrimp and fish farmers know how important it is to keep their ponds clean. It is a factor that can determine the success or failure of the crop. Therefore, using probiotics to promote the decomposition of pollutants in a process that is similar to that in nature will stabilize the pond environment and help shrimp and fish grow well, the seminar heard.

The technology has been researched by Japanese experts and found highly efficient and effective in treating aquaculture environments, representatives of the Vinh Thanh Ben Tre Company said.

With the consultation of Technology Transfer Service and Community Development Center for Fishery and Agriculture of Vietnam (FACOD), KBM products have been tested in a number of agricultural production areas such as aquaculture, seafood processing, cattle and poultry raising, and farming at Forever Green Resort's farms (Ben Tre) and a number of aquaculture farms run by fishermen in Ben Tre, Tra Vinh, Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh city.

KBM is effective in aquaculture. It can deal thoroughly with suspended solids and pond bottom mud quickly and effectively. It treats circulating water in a cycle, helping farmers save water supply and reduce environmental treatment costs significantly. In terms of sensory perception, fish cultured in a water environment with KBM treatment have shown greatly reduced susceptibility to infection by invasive bacterial species.

KBM meets the TCCS 01: 2019 / EVG standard and the Directorate of Fisheries has allowed its sale and distribution with the registration code: 02001196 TCTS.

Truong Thi Nhi, Founder of the Vinh Thanh Ben Tre One Member Co. Ltd., said that the company's strategy in the coming time is to evaluate the experimental results of KBM products for environmental treatment in the field of aquaculture and to continue applying for distribution permits for products to support fishermen in Ben Tre province in particular, and provinces in the Mekong River Delta region as well as the rest of the country in general, giving everyone the opportunity to choose better solutions for sustainably developing the aquaculture industry.

My Phung