Binh Thuan supports industrial production

14:25 | 30/12/2018 Industry

(VEN) - The southeastern coastal province of Binh Thuan intends to prioritize efforts to raise capital in order to support industrial production.

Good results

Between 2014 and 2018, industry promotion activities in Binh Thuan have achieved progress in the development of rural industry, including building technical performance models and applying the latest machinery and equipment in production. The province has granted more than VND3.1 billion for implementation of one technical performance model and 17 projects to apply the latest machinery and equipment. Major projects were developed in processing farm-forest-sea products, consumer goods and unbaked bricks, helping many rural industrial facilities to gradually automate their production, reduce manual labor and increase productivity and product quality.

Binh Thuan also launched a series of other industry promotion programs such as facilitating cleaner production in the industrial sector, subsidizing booth fees for 16 rural industrial factories in order for them to participate in trade fairs and exhibitions, organizing eight administration courses and one startup course, and funding the construction of technical infrastructure in two industrial clusters.

However, the Binh Thuan Province People’s Committee says the province has not achieved all the goals of the industry promotion master plan since the sub-program on international cooperation in industry promotion was not launched, largely due to insufficient budget.

During these years, the province has withdrawn six projects to build performance models and apply advanced technology due to low capacity of industrial factories, lack of matching funds and difficulties in foreign equipment imports and changes in buyers’ demand.

Moreover, several projects were not evaluated in a comprehensive and proper manner and were therefore found not to be feasible, leading to suspension or adjustment of the projects.

binh thuan supports industrial production

Focal support

According to the provincial People’s Committee, to rectify the situation, Binh Thuan will focus its resources on implementation of adopted programs by comprehensively supporting potential sectors in terms of human resources, production technology, packaging and marketing.

Building performance models will continue to receive priority until 2020, using the national budget, industry promotion budget and other resources in an aim to develop the models’ scale and efficiency.

A major additional task is to devise key projects to facilitate support industries and processing of provincial products with high market potential.

The province will provide funds for vocational training, for building capacity in business administration, developing rural major industrial products, building technical infrastructure in industrial clusters, and removing production factories, which have seriously polluted the environment.

As for the period from 2021-2030, Binh Thuan will continue to improve the quality of technical performance models and new technology application in order to help factories save fuel and materials, use automated equipment and promote environmentally friendly industries.

This master plan will provide guidelines for rural industrial enterprises in the province until 2030.

In the past five years Binh Thuan Province has implemented an industry promotion program with total funds of more

than VND31.7 billion, including more than VND12.5 billion worth of national and provincial industry promotion funds

and over VND19.1 billion in matching funds.

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