Binh Thuan Province: Industry promotion boosts production, business efficiency

08:45 | 30/03/2020 Industry

(VEN) - Industry promotion activities in Binh Thuan Province are proving effective in helping local enterprises expand production, invest in advanced equipment and technologies and improve product quality, meeting consumer tastes and demand.  

industry promotion boosts production business efficiency
Binh Thuan has many typical rural industrial products for export, such as dried dragon fruit

Strengthening production

According to the Binh Thuan Department of Industry and Trade, the province has so far completed eight industry promotion projects (four national and four provincial projects) with a total budget of more than VND3.08 billion.

Of these, five projects with total funding of VND550 million focused on application of advanced equipment in the production of the province’s advantageous products, such as agro-forestry-fishery products, cashew nuts, dragon fruit, fish sauce, and cartons. They helped many facilities shift to industrial production, reduce manual labor, and increase productivity and product quality.

In addition, Binh Thuan has many products that were processed and “upgraded” to typical rural industrial products forming a basis for the province to develop more brands and increase competitiveness of local products in both domestic and foreign markets.

Through industry promotion activities, the province also organized events to honor local outstanding rural industrial products and registered products for selection at national level. Three local products won prizes in 2019 including Thai Nguyen chopsticks made from “buong” trees of Nguyen Quang Thai household business; dried red dragon fruit of the 12B Dried Fruit and Vegetable Joint Stock Company; and ceramic tiles of the Trung Nguyen Mining and Construction Material Production Joint Stock Company.

It also helped 10 rural industrial establishments participate in domestic fairs and exhibitions, and organized 16 stalls at trade fairs and exhibitions displaying typical rural industrial products with local industry promotion funding of VND877.95 million. These programs enabled rural industrial facilities to display, introduce and promote potential products to domestic and foreign customers, contributing to developing production, expanding markets, meeting domestic and export demand and tastes.

Boosting local industrial products

The director of the Binh Thuan Department of Industry and Trade Do Minh Kinh said the local industry promotion activities have helped local enterprises acquire basic knowledge of business management and planning, invest in production automation and expand business.

The province has so far examined four projects and submitted to the Agency for Regional Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Industry and Trade with total proposed funding of VND2.4 billion from the national industry promotion budget for 2020. It has also completed the verification of five other projects and submitted them to the provincial Peoples’ Committee for approval with total recommended funding of VND1.08 billion from the local industry promotion budget for 2020.

This year’s approved projects focused on disseminating information about Binh Thuan’s industry and trade sector; joining regional trade fairs and exhibitions to promote typical rural industrial products, and improving the management capacity of industrial facilities.

The efforts to develop Binh Thuan product brands seem to have paid off as most local specialties have gradually found a foothold in domestic and export markets. They include “Vietnam-Japan salt” (Binh Thuan Salt & Construction Joint Stock Company), which is now present in the Japanese market, “Red dragon wine” (Ham Duc Dragon Fruit Cooperative) exported to Cambodia, and “Thien Hong 300N Fish sauce” (Thien Hong Forwarding Trading Services Co., Ltd.) has been accepted by the European market.

The Binh Thuan Department of Industry and Trade plans to facilitate trade and industry promotion and allocate funds for production facilities, especially those making typical rural products, to acquire new machines and equipment. Promotion programs will continue to focus on disseminating information about trade and industrial production activities and products of local facilities to domestic and foreign markets via the mass media, aiming to promote internal strength, improve designs and packaging, increase incomes and create jobs.

Thanh Thanh