Binh Duong maps, promotes rural industrial development

10:00 | 12/11/2020 Industry

(VEN) - Industry promotion has helped rural industrial establishments, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), develop production in the southern province of Binh Duong adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City.

binh duong maps promotes rural industrial development
The province supports 10-15 rural industrial enterprises in applying advanced machinery annually

The Nam Thien Truong Mechanical Company Limited in Di An Town is one of the program’s beneficiaries, using the funds for innovative technology, workforce retraining, and creating high quality and beautifully designed products to meet current market needs, develop production, and anticipate opportunities. In addition, the investment in advanced machinery and equipment has helped the company increase productivity and product quality, save materials and energy, and reduce environmental pollution.

Similarly, the Nghe Nang Industrial Company Limited in Di An Town has used to promotion funds to invest in laser cutting machines, increasing production capacity, competitiveness, and maximizing the company’s advantages.

Rural industrial enterprises have been a prioritized target of Binh Duong industry promotion in recent years. According to the Binh Duong Department of Industry and Trade, the province annually supports 10-15 rural industrial enterprises in applying advanced machinery, equipment, and scientific and technical advances, and building at least two technical demonstration models.

In 2020, Binh Duong has supported not only the development of industries and industrial products with high added value, but also agricultural product processing and rural industrial production establishments in advertising and approaching potential partners inside and outside the province. In addition, the province has focused on forming a network of industry promotion collaborators in order to define the actual needs of rural industrial production establishments in the area. The province has contacted rural industrial establishments to make plans and propose industry promotion activities, and has guided their investment in advanced machinery, equipment and production lines, and in expanding production scale. The team of industry promotion collaborators has visited in all districts, towns, cities and a number of communes and wards, providing the provincial industry promotion center with reliable up-to-date data on rural industrial production establishments, and advertising industry promotion support policy information to production establishments.

According to the Binh Duong Department of Industry and Trade, in order to effectively implement industry promotion activities, the province’s industry and trade sector will survey the situation at rural industrial establishments, closely follow industry promotion regulations to develop support programs and projects in accordance with local economic development tasks and orientations, and focus on supporting advantageous industries.

Trang Anh