Binh Duong Declares Pro-Business Customs Policies

11:00 | 23/06/2011 Society

(VEN) - One of eight typical provinces and cities implementing the electronic customs model, Binh Duong Province has enhanced administrative reform and modernization of customs activities. In the first four months of this year, the Binh Duong Department of Customs paid more than VND1,948 trillion to the state budget, equal to 123.3 percent of the plan, marking an increase of 25.19 percent from the same months of last year.

The Binh Duong Department of Customs is trying to create favorable conditions for businesses through enhanced administrative reform

Nguyen Phuoc Viet Dung, the deputy director of the Binh Duong Department of Customs, said that to obtain this significant result, from the beginning of this year, the department has implemented the plan based on increasing tax collection by 10 percent in the context of tax reductions according to international integration commitments and influence of global economic crisis. In addition, the department strived to reduce bad debts which have to be coerced into payment to one percent, and strengthen qualifications for customs officers to struggle with losses in revenue, trade and tax fraud. Inspections are carried out and reports are made twice monthly. All customs declaration forms which are issued daily are undertaken online through the department of tax declaration, businesses software and the department's website. All tax declaration forms for processed and manufactured products are also made and controlled online. ISO9001:2008 standards have been adopted, promoting its efficiency in reforming customs procedures, contributing to reducing time and costs and strengthening business competitiveness. Apart from creating favorable conditions for businesses through reducing the checking of documents and books and undertaking tax declaration procedures online, the department has paid special attention to after-checking procedures to improve business awareness of the law. 

In particularly, the Binh Duong Province Department of Customs has followed the motto of working alongside businesses and helping them overcome difficulties. The department strives to create favorable conditions for businesses to save time and money through enhancing administrative reform. All customs fees are paid to the State Treasury to help businesses save time in transporting goods. The department stated that it will collect tax fees through banks in the coming time.

Dung also said that as part of efforts to curb inflation and reduce trade deficit, the department has set three targets including focusing on helping businesses overcome difficulties, enhancing tax management by adopting administrative methods when businesses violate regulations and improving business awareness of the law, intensifying food safety inspections and closely checking investment lists to share the burden with businesses.

The department is aware that logistic services create a large added value for both businesses and the government. Meanwhile, the government regulations stated that logistic businesses which do not operate within six months after establishment will have their operation permits withdrawn. The Binh Duong Department of Customs knows that businesses are sinking large amounts of capital into the field of logistics. In addition, this field has just temporary risks. Thus, the department proposed the Binh Duong Province People' Committee to help businesses overcome their difficulties through applying technical barriers and quality standards to cope with tax fraud. As a result, payments to the State budget have been increased and businesses have had their operations facilitated.

It is forecasted that in the coming time, budget revenues will face many difficulties due to the tax reduction roadmap, moves to curb inflation and unstable oil and gas taxes. The Binh Duong Department of Customs has organized meetings with businesses to listen to their opinions and expectations, helping them overcome difficulties in the coming time./.

By Nguyen Hoang