Binh Duong, a highlight of industry promotion

12:24 | 18/08/2019 Industry

(VEN) - Binh Duong Province is achieving positive results by prioritizing human resource training and the acquisition of modern equipment in implementing industrial promotion projects.

binh duong a highlight of industry promotion

Binh Duong industrial promotion helped many rural industrial facilities buy modern machinery and improve labor capacity

Improving production capacity

The Sang Ban Mai Joint Stock Company is one of many rural industrial enterprises in Binh Duong Province, which has improved production capacity due to industrial promotion program support. A number of other enterprises such as Phuoc Vu Long Co., Ltd; My Han Production, Trading and Services Co., Ltd., Lien Thanh Co., Ltd., Bao Hung Co., Ltd., and Duy Linh Co., Ltd. have also made effective use of industrial promotion projects.

Binh Duong industrial promotion has focused in recent years on advancing rural industrial enterprises, supporting 10-15 such enterprises every year in projects to acquire modern production equipment and advanced technologies and build at least two technical performance models.

Given this demonstrated efficiency, local industrial promotion has attracted more attention from provincial authorities, who increased their budget from between VND300 million and less than VND1 billion during the 2009-2016 period to VND2-3 billion from 2017 on. Reciprocal capital of rural industrial establishments has also risen dramatically to over VND20 billion each year.

Strong human resources

Apart from capital, human resources have been acknowledged as one of the successes of Binh Duong industrial promotion. In 2015, the provincial People’s Council approved a resolution setting the monthly income of industry promotion staff at 30 percent of the basic wage of public employees. In 2016, the province expanded the number of its industrial promotion staff to 17, giving priority to newly-established localities that have potential for the development of industrial and small handicraft production.

By the end of 2018, Binh Duong had a team of 20 industrial promotion officials who set up specific promotion plans, guide the implementation of projects, support rural industrial facilities and participate in associations of various sectors.

With human resources increasingly improved in quality and quantity, the quality of industrial promotion activities in Binh Duong has significantly improved, too. The number of projects as well as funding have increased, helping rural industrial facilities innovate technologies, acquire new equipment, expand production scale and create jobs for laborers, contributing to improving the provincial rural industrial growth quality.

By 2020, the number of staff is expected to reach 35. They will act as a bridge between State management agencies and rural industrial facilities in developing and implementing industrial promotion projects and programs.

Given its proper investment in both human resources and equipment, the small southern province has become a guiding example of industrial promotion work that can turn local rural industry into an important part of a province’s industrial development.

Hai Linh