Binh Dinh removes difficulties in industry promotion

14:06 | 25/09/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Binh Dinh Department of Industry and Trade is concentrating on removing difficulties for the provincial industry promotion activities such as surveys, unreasonable time to set up and approve industry promotion plans which resulted in slow progress of industry promotion projects and affected production and business of enterprises.

Up to 5,600 rural workers in Binh Dinh Province have found jobs thanks to industry promotion programs

According to evaluations of the Binh Dinh Department of Industry and Trade, after many years of implementation, industry promotion programs have positively affected the provincial socioeconomic development. The laborers after being trained have found stable jobs. Projects ọn building demonstration models and applying machines and equipment in production helped increase production efficiency, product quality and made good contributions to the development of rural sectors.

Over the past years, thanks to the funds of industry promotion programs, Binh Dinh has trained and generated jobs for 5,600 laborers, built eight technical demonstration models, 12 projects on applying machines/equipment in production and implemented five projects on planning industrial complexes, one project on building infrastructure in  industrial complexes.

The province has also spent a significant amount of capital to organize exhibitions on rural industrial products at regional level and organized votes on typical rural industrial products at provincial, regional levels and participated in trade fairs on rural industrial products at regional level which helped encourage the development and advertisement of the province’s rural industrial products.

However, the Binh Dinh Department of Industry and Trade also said the provincial industry promotion still faced some obstacles, for example the reciprocal sources of capital that directly affected the progress and efficiency of industry promotion projects.

In addition, the contents of industry promotion activities remained poor. The scale and quality of industry promotion projects have not been improved and made influence on industrial development in rural areas. Therefore, industry promotion activities have not promoted the role as a bridge for industrial production enterprises to find new markets, introduce their products, create joint-ventures and promote local potential and advantages. The industry promotion staff remained thin with very few staff at district level, resulting in the low efficiency of industry promotion activities.

The improvement and application of equipment in production helped production facilities increase productivity and product quality and save labor. However, in reality, despite new changes at enterprises in terms of production improvement and investment in new production facilities, the markets have not been expanded and the new equipment have not been optimized. Some production facilities even used 30 percent of the capacity of equipment. This was the inadequate investment and could lead to reverse impact on rural industrial enterprises.

The current state of Binh Dinh industry promotion partly originated from limited capabilities of enterprises but it was obvious that management agencies have not fulfilled their tasks in surveying, consulting, setting up and selecting industry promotion plans.

To remove the difficulties, in the coming time the Binh Dinh Department of Industry and Trade will direct rural industrial facilities to coordinate closely with economic departments of towns and districts in a bid to carry out industry promotion projects more efficiently from conducting surveys, building demonstration models, applying new equipment in production and tackling other issues in industry promotion activities./.

By Hai Linh