Binh Dinh hosts martial arts festival

16:33 | 30/07/2014 Entertainment

(VEN) - The Binh Dinh Martial Arts Festival will be opened on August 1, offering domestic and international visitors opportunities to discover the local fighting art and poetic beauty.

Cham twin towers in Quy Nhon

Focusing on local martial arts conservation

 Binh Dinh is one of the cradles of Vietnam’s traditional martial arts, with Binh Dinh Martial Art flourished under the Tay Son Dynasty and associated with glorious deeds of Nguyen Hue, a hero in plain clothing. The traditional martial art has been associated with the development of local community and also become a unique cultural element.

The Binh Dinh Martial Arts has been preserved and promoted from generation to generation, and has spread to different countries across the world such as UK, France, US, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland, and Algeria.

“To promote traditional martial arts, a biennial semi-annual international traditional martial arts festival has been organized in Binh Dinh since 2006. This is an opportunity for Binh Dinh to introduce traditional cultural and martial art values to domestic and international visitors,” said Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Huynh Vinh Ai.

The Binh Dinh’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will focus on promote the local tourism sector via hosting festivals imbued with local martial arts and cultural characteristics such as Dong Da Victory, Go Market, and Bai Choi, with a view to attracting more tourists to the province. 

According to Director of Binh Dinh’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Dung, the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Martial Arts of Vietnam festival will take place from August 1-4 in Binh Dinh, with the participation of nearly 60 international martial arts group from UK, France, US, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland, Algeria, and Congo, and 30 local martial arts groups. During the 4-day festival, six major events will take place including incense offering at the Quang Trung Museum, opening ceremony, international martial arts beauty contest, third national traditional martial arts competition, street festival, and closing ceremony. In particular, Binh Dinh will announce the decision to recognize the Binh Dinh Martial Arts as a national level cultural intangible heritage at this festival.

Boasting of martial arts and cultural characteristics

Binh Dinh is a place to nurture the talented such as Dao Duy Tu, Dao Tan, Xuan Dieu, Che Lan Vien, and Han Mac Tu. It used to be capital of the ancient kingdom of Champa and currently owns the Do Ban Citadel and 14 Cham unique architectural towers. The province is also home to many beautiful landscapes such as Quy Nhon Beach, Ghenh Rang-Tien Sa Beauty Spot, Thi Nai Lagoon, and Phuong Mai Peninsula. These conditions are ideal for the development of Binh Dinh’s tourism, said Nguyen Van Dung.

Visitors to the dojos in Binh Dinh will witness the local martial arts hear about the process of formation and development of traditional martial arts./.

By Thanh Tam