Belgian dance group in Hanoi fusion

11:12 | 01/08/2017 Society

Belgian dance group Vredon graced the Hanoi Opera House on July 26 for an afternoon of cultural fusion.

The flag-throwing routine was completely on sync - Photo: VNA

Since 1980, they have travelled the world to perform routines that combine different dance traditions together.

“We went to Israel, South Africa, even the United States. In Asia, we visited Thailand, China. Now here we are in Vietnam,” Vredon’s Vice President Dirk Laureys said.

Vredon choreographs their dances, and the group even has its own music. The highlight of their performances, however, was the flags.

The group used different kinds of flags for each dance. According to Vredon President Kris de Moor, each flag weighs 5 kilograms. Still, the dancers managed to perform acrobatic moves as they spun and threw the flags up into the sky.

The flags, of course, represent their cultural fusion.

They did not only use their Belgian flag, but they also presented flags to represent different regions of the world, Vietnam included.

“It feels amazing to perform. It is actually why we’re here, to show our dance and bring people together. I am really excited. It was amazing,” said performer Kaat Laureys after the show.

Audience member Guy Van Der Vurst put it best: “This performance brought me home. I saw my country’s flag and felt proud.”

Theo VNA