Bees stop passengers from leaving Airlines plane

11:41 | 14/06/2016 Society

A Vietnam Airlines plane was unable to unload passengers after landing as a swarm of bees covered part of the cockpit on June 4, Tuoi Tre reported.

Bees stop passengers from leaving Airlines plane

The unusual incident happened to the flight VNN265 which arrived from Hanoi and landed at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City on June 4 afternoon.

After the Airbus A330 arrived at the airport apron, the ground services officers spotted a swarm of bees inside the jet bridge.

It had rained before they found the bees, and they had no idea where they came from.

The bees then flew to the plane and settled the cockpit. 

The captain of the flight decided to wait until the ground services officers successfully shooed the bees out of the area.

The next flight served by the plane was delayed in around 40 minutes due to the incident./.


Source: VOV/Thanhniennews