Bavaria, an indispensable European tourist destination

06:00 | 15/01/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - Bavaria is best known in Vietnam by virtue of its world-leading football club, Bayern Munich. However, Vietnamese know much less about the southeastern German state as a tourist destination with unique cultural experiences and landscapes. Many will have heard of the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales, but few would connect them with Bavaria, its snow-capped mountains, timber houses and romantic castles.

bavaria an indispensable european tourist destination

The Bavarian Alps feature lush green meadows, thick and seemingly interminable forests, glacial lakes, medieval towns and ancient castles. Winter draws throngs of European skiers to the region, who top off their outdoor exertions over a cold beer at the abundant local pubs.

Germany is famous for its beer, but Bavaria is even more famous for the quality of its premium beer. The annual Oktoberfest in the state capital of Munich, with servers wearing traditional dirndls attracts numerous beer aficionados and even many who prefer other drinks.

This city is also an important arts and industry center, with diverse museums covering a range of topics from history to science and technology. Those nostalgic for the past can

bavaria an indispensable european tourist destination

visit one of Europe’s oldest castles, the magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle in Munich. The 19th century castle built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria served as the model for Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” castle and is considered a symbol of the Romantic period.

Some people call Bavaria the “paradise of the soul” because it offers the best of both heaven and earth, with its lush pastureland, tranquil lakes and clear skies.

Another reason for Vietnamese tourists to choose Bavaria as an indispensable stop on any European tour is its geographic proximity to Austria and France and the convenient transportation system that provides easy access to other attractive sites and countries.

Thu Thuy