Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City : Training quality is key goal

17:47 | 11/06/2015 Society

(VEN) - The Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City (BUH) has paid great attention to improving the quality of training according to national and international standards. The university trains highly qualified and specialized human resources for Ho Chi Minh City and some other cities and provinces nationwide.

Banking University  of Ho Chi Minh City : Training quality  is key goal

BUH is a multi-field university, focusing on finance and banking. It provides highly qualified human resources for the banking, insurance sectors as well as businesses and socioeconomic organizations in Vietnam and abroad. Graduates from the university are capable to work in the fields of business management, research, and finance and banking operations. BUH is also a reputable finance and banking research center. It researches, develops and disseminates modern technologies in the fields of finance, banking, business management, and other socioeconomic fields.

Honored teacher, Associate Professor, Dr. Ly Hoang Anh, Rector of BUH, said, “BUH considers postgraduate training as a long-term development strategy. With its advantages and experiences, the university has implemented training programs in association with localities, contributing to improving the quality of human resources to meet the socioeconomic development demands of localities.

BUH has trained highly qualified human resources at the postgraduate level for some localities, including Dak Lak. Recently, it associated with the Tay Nguyen University to open the 16th postgraduate training course on finance and banking.

The two universities have paid great attention to improving the quality of training and scientific research while at the same time tightly coordinating with local departments, sectors and localities to train highly qualified human resources capable to contribute to socioeconomic development in provinces. In the future, the two universities will continue to expand cooperation to further enhance the effectiveness of training.

The purpose of this cooperation is to develop BUH as a reputable university in the fields of training, scientific research and consultancy on finance, banking, and business management in Vietnam and Asia. Along with building a highly qualified teaching staff, BUH has paid great attention to modernizing its equipment and taken the initiative in seeking access to advanced higher education trends in the world in order to enhance its competitiveness in the era of globalization, Dr. Ly Hoang Anh said./.

In 2015-2016, the Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City will recruit 3,300 students based on the results of the national high school exam of 2015. In addition, the university will recruit 450 students for the continuing training system in the fields of finance and banking, business management, and accounting. It will sort out 300 students from the list of new recruits to attend high-quality university training courses in the fields of finance and banking, accounting, and business management. The university also implements training programs in cooperation with training entities from the US, the UK, Australia, Switzerland, and Finland.

By Thao Duyen