Banking University HCMC looks to build on its success

10:22 | 21/09/2018 Economy

(VEN) - The Banking University HCMC’s high-quality bachelor program (HQBP) is marking its fifth anniversary this year, celebrating its impressive achievements and looking forward to building on them. 

banking university hcmc looks to build on its success

After five years, the HQBP has more than 1,500 students enrolled in five courses with three disciplines: Finance - Banking, Accounting and Business Administration. All graduates from the first two courses are employed or pursuing higher studies abroad. They have landed jobs with banks, auditing companies, foreign enterprises like HSBC, Citibank, Price Water House Cooper’s, Ernst & Young, and so on. This impressive growth showcases the trust of students, parents and society in the university’s aims and programs.

Recognizing the formidable challenges posed by the international integration process and the rising need for high-quality human resources in the banking industry in Vietnam, the Banking University HCMC took the courageous initiative to launch the HQBP in 2013. Its aim was, and is, to provide top quality human resources for the country in general and the banking industry in particular.

The HQBP offers students the opportunity to lay a strong foundation for successful careers in both domestic and international business environments. It has as its core values the development of international standard expertise, the ability to self-study and self-learn, the ability to practice and apply acquired knowledge and skills, including soft skills and leadership skills, foreign language proficiency and international integration.

The program’s training complies with the current regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training. It is designed for four years with eight main semesters and three summer semesters. During the first seven semesters, the learning takes place mainly in lecture halls. The final semester is dedicated to probation and working on the graduation thesis. Students can register to re-study courses in both major semesters and summer semesters to improve on their grades. The summer semesters are organized according to the needs of the students.

The program also pays a lot of attention to strengthening English and IT proficiency, and to imparting soft skills in general. At the end of the program, the student’s English language proficiency must be at least at level 4 in accordance with the six-level competence framework of Vietnam, or IETLS 5.5.

To graduate, students must complete the entire program of training at average and higher levels. Assessment follows a marking scheme of 10 marks or points.

In order to make the HQBP work at its best, the university has assigned a team of enthusiastic and experienced teachers to equip students with a firm grasp of banking and finance fundamentals as well as latest developments in the sectors. “The university has a team of teachers who are postgraduates with long-term training in countries with a well developed higher education system, like the US, the UK, Australia and Germany. We also have a team of visiting lecturers from foreign and prestigious universities in Vietnam, plus experienced experts from banks, financial institutions and enterprises,” said Dr. Bui Huu Toan, Banking University HCMC Acting President.

banking university hcmc looks to build on its success

Besides, the university has concentrated on building facilities to best serve the teaching, learning and scientific activities of lecturers and students. There are two training centers in Ho Chi Minh City and a campus in Thu Duc District with a total area of 11 hectares. There are 100 lecture halls with sound systems, projectors and other equipment to facilitate seminars and other functions. The modern campus in Thu Duc District has a spacious hall with 900 seats. The university has two libraries with a total area of 2,650sq.m at the Thu Duc campus and 39 Ham Nghi. They have more than 40,000 book titles and materials of all kinds, along with exclusive modern computer systems to access the database and the internet.

WiFi coverage is provided throughout at the 56 Hoang Dieu II - Thu Duc and campuses in District 1 to facilitate teachers and students to access internet quickly for study and research purposes. New investments have been made in air-conditioned classrooms and other modern facilities, including computer labs, self-study rooms, textbooks and reference materials in English, electronic data, and so on.

“The university will continue to renovate its training programs and enhance international connectivity through signing agreements with prestigious universities in the US, Australia, the UK, etc. and improve the quality of teaching staff, service management and facilities investment. Its consistent aim will be to help students create a solid platform for successful careers in both domestic and international environments,” said Dr. Toan.

Tran Thi Thanh Tam, a university alumna, said, “I always feel proud to be one of the first students to participate in the HPQB program. Thanks to the skills I learned, me and all of my classmates found the job we wanted when we were studying. A year after graduating, I find that the knowledge we acquired has been quite useful in my profession”.

Building on this encouraging results that prove the effectiveness of its programs, the Banking University HCMC will continue to give its best as it trains nearly 500 new students enrolled for the latest academic year and the years to come.

Reflecting on the five-year milestone, Dr. Toan said, “No resting on laurels, the effort to improve quality is a constant part of the high quality bachelors training program.”

Xuan Bac