Banking University HCMC: High-quality bachelor program boosts career prospects

14:43 | 05/09/2018 Economy

(VEN) - “I got the job that I wanted after studying at the Banking University HCMC’s high-quality bachelor program,” said Tran Thi Thanh Tam, a University alumna. Vietnam Economic News’ reporter Xuan Bac spoke with her, a student of the very first course offered by the university.

high quality bachelor program boosts career prospects

Can you tell us more about your experience after passing the graduating high-quality bachelor program (HQBP)?

I always feel proud to be one of the first students to participate in the HQBP. Thanks to the skills I learned, me and all of my classmates found the job we wanted when we were studying. A year after graduating, I found that the knowledge we get was quite useful in my profession. For example, my job involves international payments for large companies. The subjects taught in the program, like International Payments and International Finance, helped me understand the process very quickly. Language skills are also an advantage that has helped me since in everyday communication.

What do you think are the advantages the HQBP provides in the process of applying for jobs or going for higher education abroad?

Graduation requirements for the HQBP are IETLS 6.0 and above (requirement for the first course). And the course schedule is quite thick. Students participating in the HQBP have to study more subjects than others, so studiousness and self-study are essential. And when you do this, it gets easier for you, when you apply for a job or to study abroad. The evidence is that some of my classmates were able to get scholarships to study in the UK, Japan and Australia and also scholarships for doing a master degree in Vietnam.

Do you think that the knowledge you get from the HQBP meets the demands of a real working environment? What would you say are limitations in the program that should be removed in the future? Is there any subject you would like to see added to the HQBP for its next courses?

The HQBP has a wide range of subjects that can be applied to real work conditions, depending on the industry of your choice. However, due to the heavy workload, students can feel a bit stressed and not retain all the knowledge they get. From my point of view, to improve the quality of graduates, both sides have to improve. On the students’ side, try to determine your own goals, learn and choose the subjects you like that connects with expertise needed in the future. On the HQBP side, more practical sessions should be organized, enabling students to better determine their interests and goals.

What message would you like to convey to the next HQBP participants?

Learning foreign languages is very important for your future work. IETLS is one of the best options to study, so please try!

Identify your favorite job and then choose the subjects to best equip you for the future.

While doing a lot of learning, do not forget to participate in extracurricular and volunteering activities. This is where you sharpen your life skills, including communication skills. Fortunately, besides studying, I also gained unforgettable happy memories with my “crazy” good friends who I am still in touch with. So try to expand your social circle to have a memorable student life.

Xuan Bac