Banking sector in search of talent

10:46 | 16/03/2017 Finance - Banking

(VEN) - Vietnam Economic News’ reporter Duong Nga spoke with  Tran Minh Huong, Head of Human Resources, Standard Chartered Bank (Vietnam).  

What are your views on the importance of human resources and the manpower quality in Vietnam?

We believe that human resources play a vital role in the success of an organization. Thus, this is the aspect that we pay special attention to at Standard Chartered Vietnam.

I think the quality of the Vietnamese labor force is gradually improving. We are now seeing an increasing number of people who can use or master a foreign language. Many have even been appointed to senior positions in multinational companies or working for foreign businesses.

As the current trend continues, motivated by Vietnam’s increasing integration into the global economy, I’m positive that the Vietnamese labor force will continue to improve in both quality and capacity in the time to come.

What do banks need to focus on in recruitment?

I think each bank needs to have their own recruitment criteria that fit the needs of their operations, business objectives and corporate culture.

At Standard Chartered Vietnam, we give priority to those who have knowledge and experience in the financial and banking sector, especially for positions in sales and banking operations. We are keen on the applicants who demonstrate the willingness to accept challenges and constantly improve knowledge and skills, in addition to a progressive attitude and long-term commitment to the organization. As a global bank, we also highly value the candidates with strategic vision and a global mindset.

Foreign language is also an aspect of our special concern. English is the official language used in our systems and internal activities. We also regularly organize training courses in English at home and abroad for employees, as well as offering them the opportunities to rotate between departments and markets. Thus, candidates who are not good at English will have a big disadvantage in performance and career progression.

What should employers do to attract qualified personnel?

In my opinion, there are various factors that can help businesses lure and retain talents, such as corporate culture, working environment, remuneration, training and development, and reward. Yet no standard formula for this, it depends on each organization.

Talent attraction and retention is like doing a business. Talents will go to and settle at the place that gives them the values they want. Organizations should establish their own strategies and policies for developing a high-quality and committed workforce.

What is the case at Standard Chartered Vietnam in this regard?

Besides working facilities of international standards, we always maintain a friendly and open working environment where employees can optimize support offered by colleagues and managers. Our personnel policies are regularly updated with competitive remuneration, recruitment, training and reward policies to stimulate employees and ensure positive staff engagement. We also, as mentioned above, encourage and facilitate internal personnel rotation between different departments and different markets to help employees fully play out their strengths and develop their career.

We always strive to offer our people the best support they need so that they can fully unlock their potentials. We believe that we will grow with the success of our employees.

Duong Nga