Bang La apples, a Tet specialty

14:20 | 09/02/2016 Economy- Society

(VEN) - People in Hai Phong City’s Do Son District have put high expectations on a bumper apple harvest in order to enjoy Lunar New Year.

Bang La apples, a Tet specialty

Bang La apples are sweet, crunchy and succulent thanks to its cultivation on salt fields

Bang La Ward is well known for its apples which are grown on salt fields. Thanks to these unique features, Bang La apples are sweet, crunchy and succulent. It’s easy to take photographs of motorcycles carrying apples along the roads heading to the orchards in Do Son District. Dang Ba Hang from Do Son District’s Bang La Ward has spent more time in his orchard in the two months before the harvest. “My family has harvested nearly 11 tonnes of apples and we’ve earned more than VND200 million,” Hang said.

Do Thi Lien from Bang La Ward said that her family has grown 70 apple trees since 2004. With average prices of VND30,000 per kg, her family has achieved revenues of VND60 million by selling nearly three tonnes of apples. In addition, Lien has bought apples from neighbors and then transported them the city. She said that Bang La apples are well-known thanks to sweet taste and lack of pesticides and other chemicals.

Bang La Association of Farmers Chairwoman Vu Thi Hang said that apples have been grown in the ward for eight years ago covering on 70 hectares. “Apples and tomatoes are key local crops, helping people escape from poverty. Local apple trees were registered geographical indication and have collective trademark,” Vu Thi Hang said.

Bang La apples will be introduced at agricultural fairs and exhibitions in the coming time. Bang La Ward People’s Committee is developing plans to establish a club for apple growers, and design packing to protect the brand.

Bang La apples have contributed to ensuring better living conditions for local people and have been seen as a specialty. Many people have gone to apple orchards in Bang La Ward to buy those products as a gift for relatives and friends throughout the country. 


Song Chanh