Bac Ninh industry promotion focuses on business development

10:12 | 25/06/2019 Industry

(VEN) - The Bac Ninh Province Department of Industry and Trade is selecting eligible firms to take part in a business development program to enhance production capacity and enter production chains of multi-national groups in the province.

bac ninh industry promotion focuses on business development

Participating in trade fairs and exhibitions helps craft village enterprises expand their trade exchange opportunities

According to Nguyen Xuan Chin, Deputy Director of the Bac Ninh Province Department of Industry and Trade, the province has carried out business development programs for many years and obtained initial results. In 2017 and 2018, the department coordinated with Samsung Group to develop 10 enterprises, seven of which became accessory suppliers for Samsung.

After joining the program, Chau Thai Son Packing And Printing Co, Ltd (Que Vo Industrial Zone, Que Vo District) has corrected some errors in production. For example, the rate of color printing mistakes dropped from six percent to zero percent. Moreover, the company’s labor productivity increased from 600 products to 700 products per hour; the value of inventories decreased by 26 percent. The company has now become a second-tier supplier of Samsung Display Vietnam and Samsung SDI Vietnam with its supply volume accounting for up to 20 percent of its production.

Similarly, the Bac Viet Technology Joint Stock Company (Que Vo District) is also a second-tier supplier of Samsung Electronics Vietnam and Samsung Electronics Vietnam Thai Nguyen in manufacturing precision molds and electronic plastic components. A 12-week business development program helped the company achieve significant improvement results, from production, product quality to inventory management. In particular, the enterprise has successfully built a chronic error improvement system, which helps measure and analyze errors in order to take timely action to prevent them.

Nguyen Xuan Chin emphasized, “Following directions of the provincial People’s Committee, in 2019, the Bac Ninh Department of Industry and Trade continues to select more enterprises to join in supporting industry production programs, so that they can take part in production chains of multinational corporations, especially Samsung Group in Bac Ninh”.

In addition to business development, the Bac Ninh Department of Industry and Trade prioritizes the improved capacity of craft village enterprises producing traditional products for tourists to help them compete with those of foreign-invested enterprises.

Nguyen Xuan Chin also said that supporting craft village enterprises is not an easy job given the absence of links between craft villages and the tourism sector in the province. The craft village facilities are small in scale, lack capital and have limited human resources and access to modern technologies.

To help the province implement the business development program better, the Bac Ninh Department of Industry and Trade suggested that the Ministry of Industry and Trade assist craft village enterprises in joining trade fairs and exhibitions to expand their trade exchange opportunities; establish links to connect domestic with foreign invested enterprises to create global value chains.

Nguyen Xuan Chin - Deputy Director of the Bac Ninh Province Department of Industry and Trade:

The results obtained from the business development program will be the basis for choosing prioritized activities of

industrial promotion program in the next few years.

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