Bac Kan urged to develop into strong agro-forestry based province

09:33 | 10/07/2019 Society

(VEN) - Bac Kan province should focus on developing an eco-friendly economy, with agriculture as the leading front and effectively promote the forestry economy while developing specialty agricultural products on a large scale production, Politburo member Nguyen Van Binh has suggested.

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Politburo member Nguyen Van Binh speaks at the conference - Photo: NDO

The senior Party official was speaking at a conference held in the northern mountainous province on July 9 to review the 15-year implementation of Resolution No. 37-NQ/TW dated July 1, 2004 by the Politburo on the direction for socio-economic development and national security in the northern midland and mountainous areas by 2020.

Speaking at the event, Binh, who is also head of the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission, praised Bac Kan for effectively implementing the Resolution, resulting in positive achievements in local infrastructure developments as well as improving people's life, while also ensuring social order and safety and the national security and defence. However, Bac Kan is still a difficult and disadvantaged province compared to the country’s average level, the Politburo member said.

He emphasised that Vietnam targets to become a country with a high average income and complete its industrialisation and modernisation by 2030, therefore, the northwest region, including Bac Kan must join in this collective process, with active transformation of the growth model to improve the quality of development.

For Bac Can, the agro-forestry economy is still the strongest and most suitable way for local development, Binh stated, urging that the province should focus on developing an eco-friendly economy and protect the ecosystems, identifying agriculture as a key sector and developing agro-forestry processing, while exploiting well tourism potential and boosting the new rural are construction in associated with urbanisation.

He also said that economic development should be in parallel with socio-cultural development, to help local people to approach and fully enjoy public policies and services, while preserving and promoting local ethnic cultural identities. The province should pay special attention to education, considering this is an important task to promote human resources for sustainable development, Binh added.

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