Ba Ria - Vung Tau focused on strengthening e-governance

16:15 | 25/11/2019 Science - Technology

Latching on to a global trend, Ba Ria-Vung Tau (BR-VT) Province has been working hard to strengthen its e-governance capabilities.

Based on the model of Vietnam’s e-government architectural framework, BR-VT is developing e-governance targeted at improving efficiency of the province's online public services and ensuring connectivity. The overall aim is to create a seamless, modern and professional working environment, which will increase the quality of service provided to the public as well as businesses in the province.

ba ria vung tau focused on strengthening e governance
BR-VT plans to advance information technology applications towards ensuring sustainable socio-economic development and building a smart city

The e-governance architecture in BR-VT mainly applies to state agencies in the province. Other agencies and organizations may apply the province’s e-governance architecture to ensure connectivity and synchronization with the information systems of state agencies.

The various components of BR-VT’s e- governance architecture include: Target users; Access channel; Service web portal; Online public services; Application and database; Provincial-level integrated services and sharing platforms; Technical infrastructure; Management direction.

To achieve set targets, according to its implementation schedule for the 2016-2020 period, the province will focus on building shared infrastructure and integrated platforms, connecting and sharing information systems, provincial scale news, building open platforms and core information technology systems; deploying a number of specialized software applications at agencies and units; and coordinating with ministries and central branches in building sectoral and national databases.

From 2021 onwards, BR- VT will advance further towards completing construction of the provincial electronic government framework and apply information technology towards ensuring both sustainable socio-economic development as well as building a smart city.

The province will prioritize application of information technology to all industries including logistics, tourism and high-tech agriculture. IT applications will be used to better manage climate change data, including building a specialized database on meteorology and hydrology for improved adaptation to the climate crisis.

Towards achieving all its goals, the heads of department at all levels, sectors and agencies are accelerating the application of information technology in their operations.

The state agencies are also making efforts to promote communication, provision of information and supporting people and businesses to access and use advanced information technology applications.

In sum, the province remains focuses on bringing the government closer to the people and bringing people closer to the government.

Phuong Nghi