Azerbaijan, Việt Nam relations commended

16:48 | 23/05/2016 Society

Azerbaijan and Việt Nam share several cultural similarities despite the distance which separates the two countries, said participants at the recent conference entitled The Parallels of Azerbaijani and Vietnamese Cultures.

Azerbaijan, Việt Nam relations commended

Artits perform mugham, Azerbaijan’s traditional folk music — Photo

The conference was held on Tuesday by the Azerbaijani History and Culture Research Centre in Việt Nam, and the Azerbaijan Embassy.

Participants at the conference said that even though the two countries were not large, they had thousands of years of history, and were very resilient during wars against foreign invaders.

Multiculturalism, for the two countries, has been the way to peace and stability.

During the event, speeches from leaders, teachers, researchers, and young students were presented, highlighting the co-operation of the two countries in different sectors including sport, and cinematography.

The two countries set up close relations in 1959 when President Hồ Chí Minh visited Azerbaijan. The President wanted the oil-savvy Azerbaijan to help Việt Nam train cadres in this sector.

At the conference, Vietnamese associate professor Bùi Minh Trí, member of the Việt Nam Writers Association, expressed his admiration for Azerbaijani’s rich literary tradition.

He said he found several similarities between the poetry of Azerbaijan’s famous poets Mirza Shafi Vazeh, and Nezami in Việt Nam’s famous poets Nguyễn Du and Xuân Diệu.

Đào Xuân Tiến, director of Azerbaijani History and Culture Research Centre in Việt Nam, wishes that a Vietnamese cultural centre would soon be opened in Azerbaijan’s capital of Baku to promote cultural co-operation between the two countries.

He also highlighted the importance of promoting cultural exchanges between Vietnamese students studying in Azerbaijan Azerbaijanis. 

Azerbaijan Ambassador to Việt Nam Anar Imanov said that the conference would be held annually.

During the first conference of this kind last year, he also said he would finance the translation of literary works from Vietnamese to Azerbaijani and vice versa.

Also last year, the Azerbaijani journal IRS Heritage, which focuses on heritage and culture of this country in the South Caucasus region, has been published in Vietnamese.

The journal is aimed at acquainting readers with the past and present of Azerbaijan, along with its economical and cultural life./.

Source: VNS