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Awareness of IPR boosts product values

13:00 | 02/07/2020 Science - Technology

(VEN) - One of the priority directions to enhance the competitiveness of Vietnam’s agro-forestry-fishery and handicraft products is to build, register and protect intellectual property rights (IPR).

awareness of ipr boosts product values
Geographical indications increase agricultural product value

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, intellectual property activities in localities have yielded practical results. Many organizations, businesses and business households are interested in trademark registration and industrial property rights. As many as 36,021 applications for industrial property rights have been submitted and some 3,053 protection certificates have been granted. Most localities have identified key product categories, advantageous products, local specialties, and focused on building trademark. This has improved productivity and quality, creating value and competitiveness.

The development of geographical indications and investment in the application of science and technology has contributed to promoting Ben Tre coconut products with an annual export turnover of about US$200 million. In addition, the value of coconut-processed products accounted for 20 percent of industrial production value and 25 percent of provincial export value. Currently, Ben Tre has nearly 72,000ha of coconut cultivation, 163,000 households growing coconut, and 800 million fruit in annual output.

The collective trademark protecting Hau Giang Province’s That Lat fish has increased its price by 30-40 percent compared to the same unprotected product. Similarly, geographical indications in Quang Ninh Province have increased the brand value of products sharply, especially agricultural products that increased from 20 percent to 50 percent. Ca Mau Province’s organic shrimp product price has increased by 20 percent after obtaining collective brand certification, creating thousands of stable jobs. The price of Vinh oranges grown in Nghe An Province has increased by 25-30 percent after being affixed with traceability stamps.

Today, the assurance of intellectual property is not mandatory but the values of inventions, trademarks, industrial designs, and copyrights boost the share in businesses’ value structure and product value. In the context of Vietnam’s deeper international integration, the registration of intellectual property protection both at home and abroad has become even more urgent in order to not only penetrate key markets, but also to create competitive advantages and protect business rights.

According to the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam under the Ministry of Science and Technology, localities are implementing intellectual property development programs that have already protected 118 major and specific agricultural products.

However, local intellectual property activities still face challenges, such as low awareness of their importance and an extended registration period. Moreover, coordination among sectors in the process of handling IPR infringements is lacking given that acts of infringement are increasingly sophisticated and complex.

Specific products associated with well-know, prestigious and reputable place-name and brands are valuable economic and social properties, requiring policies and measures to promote IP protection.

Quynh Nga