AVANI QUY NHON RESORT & SPA: A peaceful place in land of martial arts

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(VEN) - Avani Quy Nhon Resort & Spa, a high-grade relaxation site situated in a charming coastal town in Binh Dinh Province, 14km from Quy Nhon City, is an ideal destination for tourists to Binh Dinh - the land of martial arts.

AVANI QUY NHON RESORT & SPA: A peaceful place in land of martial arts

The provincial capital of Quy Nhon is the homeland of many cultural celebrities, national heroes, and many historical sites and famous landscapes, such as Thi Nhan Hill where the tomb of poet Han Mac Tu is situated, and Thap Doi. The city also has a long, enchanting coastline. With these valuable advantages, Quy Nhon has become one of the most famous tourist sites in Vietnam.

The prime minister has recognized Quy Nhon as a first-grade city. The city is striving to modernize its technical and social infrastructures while at the same time bringing into play its advantages to promote tourism development. In recent years, Quy Nhon built new traffic infrastructure to promote economic development. These include the Quy Nhon-Song Cau Route, and the Quy Nhon-Nhon Hoi Bridge. A number of high-grade tourist sites and hotels have been put into operation, creating a new face for Binh Dinh’s tourism. The Avani Quy Nhon Resort & Spa is an example.

Avani Quy Nhon Resort & Spa is located alongside Cua Dai Beach. From the Quy Nhon Airport, it takes only 50 minutes to reach the resort. Avani Quy Nhon Resort & Spa has been awarded for providing relaxation rooms with Vietnamese décor.

Tourists can take a kayak or a fishing boat to visit the resort’s own private island, where they can spend a whole day swimming, ping, fishing, and sunbathing. They can also visit famous local craft villages making products such as ceramics, wood products, and palm-leaf conical hats, and discover the sophisticated architecture of old Cham temples, or sample the busy atmosphere of local markets, and visit the history museum at Quy Nhon.

The resort’s spa offers a range of therapeutic massage using local healthcare materials. Tourists can join yoga classes in the morning or taekwondo classes in the afternoon. Senses Restaurant situated atop a cliff serves the best of Eastern and Western cuisine and seafood, while The Senses Bar and Lounge offers coffee, snacks and tropical cocktails.

Together with other high-grade resorts, Avani Quy Nhon Resort & Spa has created a new face for Quy Nhon, contributing to developing the city’s tourism based on modern accommodation, and creating a motive force for tourism to become a key economic sector.


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